What game mechanics do you avoid at all costs?

Are there any game mechanics that you really dislike or just tend to stay away from?

As much as I enjoyed playing games like #The Quacks of Quedlinburg or #Cubitos, I tend to stay away from PRESS YOUR LUCK because I always push it to the limit and I usually always lose miserably...

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Premium User37 days ago

For me it's bluffing. Any game where I'm required to lie is one that I'll avoid like the plague. I do not have fun.

Moderator Level 137 days ago

I was much better at bluffing games when I was a teenager, but I'm not good at them, am a terrible liar, and also avoid them.

37 days ago

Agreed! I feel so dirty and of course, I am terrible at it.

Premium User37 days ago

Yep, it just feels bad, not fun. I think that being bad at it kind of goes hand in hand with not enjoying it, haha.

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28 days ago


It's an inherently broken mechanic. Two players can make the same decision with the exact same information and exact same odds of success and it can work out great for one person and horrible for the other person. That's an imbalanced game. Unless we have asymmetric player powers, all players should get the same result for the same action. (Or at least close - like drawing cards)








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33 days ago

point salad scoring is kinda meh for me; hard to go with an "eye on the prize" mentality.

18 days ago

I get it, so many choices that no choice feels special. Instead of different paths to victory, kind of just a random field.

34 days ago

We don't enjoy most dungeon crawlers, or war games where you have to measure everything.  Also don't like one vs all unless it's Hidden movement. 

18 days ago

I love most board games but whenever I play most dungeon crawlers, that is the one time when all I think about is that I would rather be playing a video game. I get the measuring, that is an issue, but the play itself and player progression I think is just better in video games.

18 days ago

I'd agree with you there. That's the tough thing with designing any RPG style Board game, how do you make it a better than a video game version? I can't think of any that are better if you like video games, but a few might feel ok for a video game.player to play with a non video game player. Destinies comes to mind for me. Certainly not up to par with a video game RPG,.but I find it fun to play (it does have a great app though)

Premium User36 days ago

Personally, I don't like auction games where you lose the amount you bid even if you don't win the auction. Other than that, there are just games I avoid playing with certain people. Either becasue I know they don't like it, or I don't like playing that type of game with them

18 days ago

Oh wow, that is so true, I didn't think how much that bothered me until this exact moment but you are so right!

37 days ago

I dislike almost all kinds of party games (drawing, charades, social deduction, dixit). I also have a deep aversion to semi-coop games. 

Moderator Level 136 days ago

what do you consider semi-coop vs. full coop?

35 days ago

Pandemic, Hanabi, Robinson Crusoe, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: cooperative

Archipelago, Dead of Winter, Legendary (although almost everyone ignores the competitive part), CO2: semi-coop

Please note that I do not consider games like Battlestar Galactica as semi-coop. They are team games. Two sides compete for the victory and one team wins, and then there is no big winner among the players of the winner team. They all share victory as equals.

Moderator Level 135 days ago

Thanks for noting the distinction.  I haven't played any semi-coop games.

Moderator Level 137 days ago

I am not good at negotiation, bidding, or any games involving deception and try to avoid them.  Player elimination games (like #Risk) have not been to my liking since college.  However, I do love something like #Scotland Yard, a hide-and-seek type game.  I have not played anything that has an aggressive one-against-all mechanic to know if I would like that or not.

I also tend to push my luck on #The Quacks of Quedlinburg.  I find the rat tails somewhat soften the blow of pressing my luck too much.

37 days ago

I know it is about half of the board games out there but I just do not like playing very aggressive games with my group of friends. If anyone targets anyone for anything bad there is all this animosity like "why me, how dare you" and it always creates problems. Maybe I just need new friends..

We tend to do a lot of roll and writes these days and those tend to be the farthing thing from aggression. I am ok with the solitaire with other players type of vibe of games like #Welcome to...

Moderator Level 137 days ago

I'm not one for aggresvie play either.  The ambush cards in #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale can sometimes come across as aggressive, and sometimes a player minimizes the damage to another player.  The effects can be minimized in future turns, but people can take that differently.

Have you played it?  If so, how does that fit with your group?  It's one of my favorite games, both solo and in a group.

37 days ago

We do like Cartographers. That is exactly what we do when we have to swap maps, no one wants to be the person that is particularly damaging. It is such a small thing that no one really feels like it interferes too much but is still a nice little piece of player interaction that could affect things later.

Moderator Level 137 days ago

That's great.  Have you ordered the expansion or any of the three new maps?  I did and look forward to playing them when they finally ship.

Premium User37 days ago

Maybe something like #Wingspan? There are a lot of games where you can't do much to mess with other players beyond roll and writes. My wife feels the same way, so I understand the feelings. A few games that we love to play together are #Orléans, #Everdell, #Kingdomino, and #Cascadia (that one just delivered from Kickstarter). Plus the aforementioned Wingspan.

37 days ago

#Wingspan has been on our list. Now if someone just gets a copy so we can play! I like #Kingdomino, haven't played #Orléans or #Everdell.

Supporter18 days ago

I 100% will not play fully cooperative games.  I abhor them.  I want to win and even more so I want to win while you lose!

Ok, I'm kind of kidding.  I actually don't care about winning a game as long as I get to play and have an impact.  But I still like one person to come out on top.