Aquatica: Cold Waters update


Aquatica has been one of my favorite games to play in person or online since being introduced to it at Board Game Geek Con 2019. (Thanks Board Boys!) 

Cosmodrome Games showed off the new cards and mechanics for the expansion to its hit game, called Cold Waters at Gen Con Online this weekend. Ivan Tuzovsky, the designer of the original, participated in a demo of the game’s development at the Cosmodrome Games Twitch channel. (All pictures taken from screenshots during the presentation, which is still up on their channel.) 

Arcane Wonders has confirmed that Cold Waters is set to arrive in the US in March! So keep an eye out or set a price alert right here on Board Game Atlas.

Cold Waters comes with enough components to play with five players now. It includes new goals, new creatures, new kings, and new locations — and of course, new mantas and decks in a new color (white).

But, the new expansion is more than just cards. We learn more about the story about the world of Aquatica. A volcanic eruption affected the world, and divided the seas into four independent kingdoms. But in Cold Waters, there is a new development — the volcanic eruption changed and heated up the world wide sea flows. The previously lifeless, dark, cold waters of the northern polar cap has opened up due to the water changes, and beautiful creatures have emerged.

For more pictures and updates on the mechanics, click here.

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Premium User5 months ago

This game has been on my wishlist since I first saw a Rahdo video about it several months ago. I'm sure I'll pick it up eventually, but I've added so many games recently that I won't be buying anything for quite a while, haha.

5 months ago

We've talked back and forth about Aquatica for a little bit, and I'm currently in the exact same place.  Trying to maintain my holding pattern for picking up new games.  The expansion definitely looks like it's adding some mechanics on the new cards, which is cool.  Looks like a good one.

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