What did you play this week? (8/23/2021)

(8/23/2021) This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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25 days ago

Saturday we met with friends and played:

#Ticket to Ride: New York

#Qwixx Deluxe (twice)

#Lost Cities: Roll & Write

#Blue Lagoon

#The Quacks of Quedlinburg


Then Sunday night we went to my in-laws and had a short night where we played:

#Qwixx Deluxe







Premium User25 days ago

Sounds like a great weekend!

Partner27 days ago

Solid week of gaming! 

#Roborally -- my daughter painted up the robot minis about five years ago, and we played it a bunch back then, but it hasn't hit the table since 2017!  We got our old group back for the first time in a few years, and of course, someone said Let's Rally!  It was chaotic fun as usual. As much as I love #Cubitos, I'm seeing now that Roborally has a lot more player interaction than Cubitos. 

 #Master Word last year was a terrible time for party games, so I really didn't get much more than a quick demo when they sent me a review copy. I finally got it to the table with a larger group, and if you like games like #Just One or #Codenames this is another twist on that genre. Players have to cooperatively try to guess a word by writing down clues about the word. The guide can place tokens suggesting how many of the clues are correct, but can't (for the most part) indicate WHICH clue is correct. It creates tons of table talk that is so much fun to listen to even if you are the guide, much in the way Codenames does. 


#ALIEN: Fate of the Nostromo -- oooo we have been seeing this all over the board game social media, so I was glad that Carlos picked up a copy at Target. On the plus side -- it is super thematic, definitely feel the tension of the movie as you ramp up toward the insanely hard ending. On the down side -- whether it was because it was our first game and we didn't play well enough, or just the strenght of the alien as she stalks the prey, there were some ho-hum turns that were disappointing.  I think we'd houserule this just a bit in that the game scales up weird depending on the player count. Would I play it again? Heck yeah, it's like a quicker, faster, more thematic version of The Captain is Dead. 

#Viscounts of the West Kingdom -- every play of this game gets better, and of the four Garphill Games I have played, this is now my favorite for sure. Yes, there is not a lot of player interaction (other than the castle) and yes, the end game can really sneak up on you, but I find the deck building and tableau play so intriguing. Plus, every game seems to play out differently in terms of strategy and outcome, and so it does not feel scripted to me at all. 

#Tutankhamun -- got in a couple more plays of this Knizia classic. One of my buddies played it and said "wow this is solid" -- if you like straightforward mathy euros that play in under a half hour with just three or four main rules, but where each decision feels huge, you'll like Tut. And the production from the 25th Century Games team is over the top! 

#The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Herb Witches -- another play with the expansion and I'm convinced. This is one of the few games where I think playing with the witches (a very simple mechanic of adding a new orange potion and some coins that give you bonus powers) is essential. At least at my table, we won't play without it -- we played it with two new players and both of them picked up the game with the expansion with ease. 

Moderator Level 13 days ago

I feel the same way about Quacks and the Herb Witches expansion.

Viscounts is on my wish list.  I have, and thoroughly enjoy, #Paladins of the West Kingdom, but have only played it once with two players-the rest have been all solo.

Premium User20 days ago

#Tutankhamun sounds interesting.  Reminds me a little or #Targi with the minimal rules.

Premium User27 days ago

We played roborally for the first time a few weeks ago and enjoyed it.  If you want that with more wrapped around it I highly recommend #Mechs vs. Minions although it's in a different realm of price and game involvement.  

Viscounts I think is firmly my favourite of the West Kingdoms games.  They are all good but this one is #1 followed closely by #Architects of the West Kingdom then #Paladins of the West Kingdom for me.

Premium User25 days ago

I agree on #Viscounts of the West Kingdom.  Very good game.

Partner27 days ago

Agreed!  I'm about halfway through Mechs v Minions, we had a group that played through game five or six, and then fell away. We did it again with another group to game four or five, then fell away. Now, I just need to find a group that will help me finish it! 

Premium User27 days ago

You can play 2 handed solo and it's fun but definitely not as fun as with other players. 

Did you check out the radio play from their site?  You can either play it on the web or download it from their site (I think) and it gives you audio clips to set the tone and mood of the mission.  They certainly aren't strictly necessary but they just add a little something to the game.

Partner25 days ago

I have not but I've heard it does set the mood. My problem is that I don't know the lore as much as everyone else at the table! Maybe the radio play stuff helps...

13 days ago

I didn't know any of the lore either.  I didn't even know Riot was a video game company.  But the radio plays are still good fun! 

Premium User25 days ago

I don't know the lore either.  I don't think any of us did.  It helps set the mood a bit but I'd call it a flavour add rather than a necessary part of playing the game.  Still, worth throwing it on there for a bit of extra atmosphere.  They aren't super long so it's not an issue either way.

Premium User28 days ago

Excellent week for me last week! Got in a play almost every day.

#Carcassonne - Sarah and I have fallen behind a bit on our progress with the 10 x 5 challenge, so we committed to playing 2 games from it last week. We're living at my parents temporarily while our new house gets built, which is terrible for a multitude of reasons lol, but it does give us some more people to play games with. Slight silver lining. Anyways we taught this to my dad and brother and it went over pretty well. My dad was way behind to start, and then started scoring seemingly after every placement. He beat the next closest person by 15 and it definitely wasn't that close the whole game haha.

#KLASK - Sarah suggested we play this again. I finally won a best of 3 games against her! Yay me!

#Targi - So remember last week's post when I said I got one of my friends interested in board games after my bachelor party? Yeah so he made a BGA account and I'm pretty sure bought TTS so we could try to play games together online. Eventually I'm planning on throwing him into some asych games with people on the forum. For now though we just stuck to just the two of us. Fun time had with this one. Figured I'd introduce him to a game I actually own so should he ever want to play in person we can.

#Medina (second edition) - Heard about this on the Hidden Gems podcast awhile back and thought it sounded pretty cool. Honestly didn't realize it was on BGA until I was deep diving for games my friend and I could play together. We got in couple of games mostly just messing around with it to see how it worked. I don't think I ever laughed more playing an abstract game like this in my life. I don't necessarily know if I need to play this in real life, much less own it, but it's staying on my wishlist for the laugh factor alone.

#5-Minute Dungeon - This past weekend my meetup group had a 3 day long get together at a lodge in a local park to celebrate the group being in existence for 2 years. Sarah's bridal shower was also over the weekend, so I was in charge of entertaining my future father in law and future brother in law who came to help set up. I brought them to the lodge and was immediately overwhelmed by games. There was easily over 200 available to play, most of which I had no idea how to play or knew would be a little too complex for them based on what they're used to playing with me. 5-Minute Dungeon proved to be in their wheelhouse. Only problem is, we suck at defeating monsters lol. Had a lot of fun playing though.

#The Captain is Dead - While I was looking for another game to play, a guy from the group approached Sarah's dad and brother and asked if they would be interested in giving this a shot. Thankfully he agreed to teach because I had no idea what it even was lol. Basically it's a co-op space themed game where you are trying to manage a ship that's constantly under attack until you can get your crew to safety. In some ways, it reminded me of #Stationfall. I personally had a blast playing and was disappointed when we had to cut the game short after we got the call that the bridal shower was over and we were needed to help clean up lol. Once we were outside, Sarah's family would not stop talking about how much they enjoyed the game too. Sarah's dad told Sarah "Carson needs to buy that game." LOL

#Barrage - Originally we were supposed to play this Friday before all the socializing took place. A lot happened Friday night, so this got put off until yesterday and I don't think Sarah could have been any less enthused. She actually won by a large margin, discovering a new strategy of "not caring about Barrage" in the process. For me, this play left me back to leaning towards parting with it after the challenge is over. I still enjoy playing, but if it's going to be something relegated to playing once or twice a year if I'm lucky, I don't know if it's worth keeping. I'm going to put it on the back burner for now when it comes to the challenge and only suggest it when we can play with more than just 2 to see if that changes things for me. 

Premium User25 days ago

I've been a little curious about #Barrage myself but never actually played.  A friend of mine on BGA introduced me to #Targi this week and I like the simplicity of decision making but depth of play.  I may consider getting a copy of this down the road.

Premium User25 days ago

You and I definitely like the same types of games so I'm going to go out on a limb and say you'd enjoy Barrage. I figured we'd hate it the more we played/discovered how supposedly mean it is. I don't get the sense you see that meanness as much with just 2 players. Or I should say, I'm just assuming that to be the case because Sarah has yet to complain about me blocking the spot she wanted to go or being in her way etc haha.

That's a perfect way to describe Targi and exactly why I picked it up.

Premium User27 days ago

I haven't heard of Medina before. The photos look neat

Premium User25 days ago

Yeah I just saw it for the first time on BGA the other day. I think it's out of print now. That's the trouble with the Hidden Gems pod - 90% of the games they talk about aren't available anywhere. Of couse I don't need to buy more games anyway so it's a blessing hahaha

Partner27 days ago

My son's playgroup of college aged kids all love #The Captain is Dead: Dangerous Planet -- they love planning out the moves and the exploration and comboing up each other's skills together. It's a great coop experience.

As for #Barrage, I was honestly amazed how thematic this euro is AND how freakin' mean it can be! It's certainly not for the faint hearted because every turn can be really frustrating. But, it certainly challenges my brain! 

Premium User27 days ago

I ordered the Captain is Dead last night lol.

As for Barrage, I have heard it's mean and I thought that we wouldn't like it because of that. Maybe it's just us, but when we play, we rarely are in each other's way and it doesn't feel mean at all. I think Sarah doesn't like it simply because of the brain burn and how long it can take to set up and play. If it had a theme she liked more, maybe it would get more play.

28 days ago

I wish I could play a board game almost every day =(  haha

Moderator Level 13 days ago

Me, too!

Premium User27 days ago

Honestly me too..usually doesn't work out like this

21 days ago

Finally got the first two simulations in #Space Alert and it was a hoot! Took almost an hour though to get through the rules, but will be playing again tonight.

#Mansions of Madness: Second Edition last of the main box. Ended up trading this one away this week, enjoyed it, but not one I'll go back to.

#Space Base continuing #Space Base: The Emergence of Shy Pluto Expansion very nice 45 min game with 4 players.

#Skull played with in laws and one of them LOVED it. I still think this will get soo much more play than #Sheriff of Nottingham: 2nd Edition which is kind of sad, but it's generally shorter and everyone is involved all the time.

#Just One played with in laws and went over better than they though it would. Definitely one of the most solid party games in my collection.


Premium User23 days ago

#Teotihuacan: City of Gods - (BGA) I am pretty sure this is currently my favorite game and feel pretty confident in obtaining the expansions when I get the chance.  I've started looking more into playing Tascini's other games as I very much enjoy the mechanics.  I also got in one physical play with a family member this weekend though they had never played and so we used starter rules (rather than starter tiles).  

#Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar - (BGA) speaking of the above I decided to take a chance on learning this via playing on BGA and while my first games started terribly as I had no idea wha I was doing until about turn three.  I joined a second game so I could at least start a game off on the right foot while I try out the comback options on the first game.  I like #Teotihuacan: City of Gods more but this one is quite good as well.

#Keyflower - (BGA) this isn't a bad game and I might just need to play it more often.  In some ways, I feel like this is a game that might just be more fun in person than on BGA.  I am still figuring out the dynamics between the different options each turn, but thus far, two games in, I am not so sure about this one.

#Viticulture - (BGA, mostly, and +1 Essential Live) I managed one game live with a buddy and lost terribly.  This is one of those games that I love to play and generally do quite terribly at.  I lost by about 10 points to my friend.  I will likely lose all three games I joined on BGA but I do enjoy playing and look forward to playing the Essential edition the next time.

#Chakra - (BGA) I will likely get the physical copy of this game as I've played several on BGA and I think my daughter would love this game.  I originally thoughts this was a two player only game but it turns out it goes up to four players which makes it even better :)

#Race for the Galaxy - (BGA)I decided to join a game and learn to play.  Still don't know what I'm doing completely.  I like it ok after a few turn and will likely play another game or two to see what I think.  All in all I don;t think it's going to make my list of games I'd like to chase after one day but it seems ok.  

Premium User28 days ago

This was an unexpectedly huge week for me!

  • #Ethnos @ 3p with some coworkers. Fun and fast game. I'm interested to play at higher counts, since so far I've only played at 2 and 3.
  • #Shards of Infinity: Deckbuilding Game @ 2p. Also on lunch break at work.
  • #War Chest @ 2p - we tried playing with only the expansion units since I have both expansions, and it worked well! I always love this game.
  • #Brass: Birmingham @ 3p courtesy of the one and only ! He and I (plus a friend of mine) met up at my place and I got to try this one out for the first time. I really enjoyed it! Once you get the rules down, they're fairly easy to remember, but the decisions are really interesting. Neal definitely won and I definitely didn't misremember that fact.
  • #Tak 3x - taught this to my friend and played 3 quick games. This is a cool abstract that seems to offer deep strategy if you want to invest in it. I'd definitely like to get it played more often.
  • #Cascadia @ 4p - had another couple come over for a game night and taught them this. They both enjoyed it, which was no surprise to me, as it's a great game. My wife edged me out by 2 points!
  • #Everdell @ 4p - this was the 2nd and final game of the night. Teaching went fairly smoothly, and they seemed to enjoy this game as well. One of them even ended up winning! I had one of my worst scores in a long time, haha.
  • #Spirit Island @ 2p - taught this to my wife and played a full game. We lost, but got surprisingly close toward the end since we managed to get to the third terror level. We also realized that we'd forgotten about the special abilities for our spirits, so we'll have to remember that next time. I played as Vital Strength of the Earth and she played as River Surges in Sunlight.

Partner27 days ago

The #Cascadia train keeps rollin'! 

Premium User27 days ago

I gave it a try with my group in person last weekend.  I think we all enjoyed it.  I am REALLY happy with how the wooden disks turned out.  The colours are vibrant and the pictures are clear.  The tiles are really nice as well.  Basically it exceeded my expectations for production.  

And even though I have played the game using the web site many, many times the game still hasn't worn out its welcome.  We used the basic A scoring but I am looking forward to trying the other ones next time.