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Desktop icon for BGA

Hi all.  I'm a new member of BGA.  Very interested to be a part of it!  But can anyone tell me how to create a desktop icon for the site - using its symbol (not just a generic Microsoft one)?  Thanks.

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2 months ago

Hi Trent.  Very kind of you to reply! 

Before Microsoft changed Windows and its associated parts, it was easy to put an icon on the desktop for a frequently used website.  I think you right clicked on the home page, and then went for Create Shortcut on Desktop (or something), and this would happen - very commonly with the website's icon (which presumably the site had made accessible).  The create shortcut function doesn't seem to come up any more. 

Does that make any sense?


Owner2 months ago

I'm not quite sure what that means, haha. Can you share another website you've done this with as an example? Maybe it's some meta data code I need to add to BGA.