Makiavelia on Tabletopia

The Empire is falling! Your opportunity to rise to power is now or never. But do you have what it takes to rule? You will need to excel at strategy, diplomacy, and show merciless cunning when...

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28 months ago

Makiavelia launched on Tabeltopia today! Try it out and post comments here.

Owner28 months ago

The theme seems pretty interesting. It's hard to get an understanding of the game without more images though. What's your favorite part of the game?

28 months ago

On top of being a hand management and engine/city building, the game is mostly a game of negotiations: you build up your power and then negotiate with others to earn a share of the loot each round. The more power you have the heavier you weigh in negotiations, but with too much power, the small guys will coalesce against you. So even you technically can crush an opponent, it's ill advised, because that opponent can be someone you can manipulate to be on your side against others. This is really the experience the game delivers and what gets people excited.

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