What specific action/Mechanic in a game do you find most satisfying?

As an example (I'm ruling out Wingspan) when you take a late game lay eggs action that triggers three to four brown power birds.

My most satisfying actions in game I think...

#1.  Heaven & Ale: triggering the "X" with a token after piling up number 3 or number 4 tiles all over the board and getting to hit on 5 or 6 of them.

#2.  Taverns of Tiefenthal: Getting at least one round where I get to play half my deck before my tavern fills in the last guest

#3.  Founders of Gloomhaven: placing a simple road tile that masterfully delivers multiple resources to prestige buildings.

#4.  Viticulture: playing a few cards that work together with my structures to nab 5 or 6 victory points in one turn 

#5  Anachrony: Building an engine via buildings that lets me double the value of my path leaders special ability.

#6.  Exploding Kittens: Spending the first half of the game taking chances with my draw and winning because I had a hand full of cards and everyone else messed around till all they had was a diffuse. 

#7. Everdell: Getting three to five free cards in a row to my city in successive turns

#8. Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Having someone buy the room I placed at the €15 spot.

#9.  Raiders of the North Sea: Being last in points with only two raids and coming begin for a win because the vikings in my boat triggered an end game victory point surge.

Lots of examples to help get the idea across. What's your most satisfying game mechanic/action in a given game?

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Supporter9 months ago

Root - Playing as the Woodland Alliance and leaving sympathy tokens all around the map to deter other players' actions.

Viticulture - Harvesting two fields to generate a mixture of high value grape tokens.

Azul - Filling up a row, moving the rightmost tile onto the board, and discarding the rest (the cleanup phase of each round).

Quacks - Pulling out a blue-6 (Crow Skull) chip from your bag.

Skull - When you take a risk by calling out a high number of flower discs to guess and actually get it all correct.

Marco Polo - When you fill up your storage/inventory with lots of camels and goods.

Wingspan - Same as what @WadeB1977 mentioned!

On Tour - When you roll a wild/star and you're able to form a long route that you had been planning.

Skulk Hollow - Using Grak's "Gaze" attack to laser beam one of the fox soldiers into oblivion.

Just One - When you guess a word based off of only one remaining clue.

Supporter9 months ago

Getting just the right card combos! 

Supporter9 months ago

Simultaneous play. Sometimes it's nice to not have to wait for your turn.

9 months ago

Honestly...I am a simple man...just being able to move my victory point marker or move up a track is excellent! 

I also love being able to remove pieces from my player board to reveal new benefits or powers. Gaia Project does it well, Great western trail is great at it too!

9 months ago

Well all of those are pretty amazing, the best feeling I ever got from playing a move was in DOMINION playing a "Kings Court" (play an action 3 times) and "Goons" (+1 buy, +1VP per buy, +2 money) together so everything I bought got me +3 VP and I got to buy many things.

Supporter9 months ago

1. #Viticulture - having the Rhine Valley cards to focus on engine building.  I love fulfilling wine orders, so satisfying.

2. #Root - asymmetry, the way the factions work with/against/balancing each other is just so cool

3. #Clans of Caledonia - the supply and demand aspect of the trade board

4. #Western Legends - the poker deck as being used as a poker deck, card abilities, and combat

I have more but don't have the energy to think of one for each game.  Maybe I'll come back and edit later.

9 months ago

I forgot to include Spirit Island.  I love getting that turn where all the elements align and everyone gets to do their strongest innate powers and best cards and the game turns from looking like the invaders are going to win to wiping the board and getting within one turn of the win condition.

Supporter9 months ago

This is satisfying 

9 months ago

#Dune - getting into a battle with someone and then having their leader as a traitor. "Treachery!"

9 months ago

Oh thought of another one - trapping your opponent's worker in #Santorini

9 months ago

1. Plow and sow action in #Agricola

2. The scoring in #Concordia

3. Bag pool-building in #The Quacks of Quedlinburg

4. Successful bluff in #Sheriff of Nottingham

5. Simultaneous turns in #Space Base

6. Worker placement in #Targi

7. Skill card kills in #Cry Havoc

9 months ago

I love pulling from your bag in quacks after you just bought some tasty new ingredients...

9 months ago

I know man it’s so satisfying! I don’t typically upgrade my games, but I think I might make an exception with Quacks and get the upgraded chips...

Supporter9 months ago

Some nice ones on this list!

9 months ago

Thanks! I got the itch to play while writing these out haha

Supporter9 months ago

I get the itch to play reading all of these. 

9 months ago

The itch must be scratched...

Supporter9 months ago

1. Blowing up a planet in Star Wars Rebellion. 

2. Moving the Rebel base just before the Empire finds out where it is in Star Wars Rebellion. 

3. Rolling the clutch amount of surges and damage in Imperial Assault to land a monster hit. 

4. Playing the perfect ability card in Gloomhaven AND pulling the critical hit from your attack modifier deck. 

5. Getting the perfect item to fill in a odd-shaped slot in your long house in Feast for Odin

9 months ago

I almost added the Gloomhaven example.  I would add on on comboing with your partner with the perfect abilities and get a crit on at least one.  There were a very times when I landed a great hit with the scoundrel pulling a string of modifiers that added pierce, a couple +1, poison, wound, and then I got to turn invisible as well.  

Supporter9 months ago

I know, right! What a game.