Quackalope has a podcast.


I discovered today that Quackalope has started a podcast recently. It looks like they aired their first episode on July 27th.

Recently our restrictions have lifted a little, not much, but it lifted enough for me to buy paint, so we are working on painting our house, so, today, while rolling paint, I had a chance to listen to their whole catalog. I recomend you give them a try. I imagine they will be slightly polorizing, but I did find them interesting.

You may know Quackalope from his youtube channel. They do some interesting game reveiws, if you want to check those out first.

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11 months ago

What about them do you think will be polarising? Thanks for the heads up and recomendation, I have a couple of podcasts I listen to, have space for a couple more, I likewise like to listen to them while doing house-work.

Supporter11 months ago

I think that they play fairly well off of one another, and, I find them amusing. Some people, really won't like their humor, and their ragging on each other. If you don't like that you won't like the podcast. Listen to one or two episodes if you get a chance, that should tell you if you will like it or not.

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