Future AMA with Jonathan Ying!!


I'm currently working on an interview with Jonathan Ying, designer of Bargain Quest, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Doom, Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, etc.

Initially, in addition to the questions I prepared, I was going to ask Jonathan to answer another set of questions that I got from some of you who DM'd me. After thinking through it, I thought I'm doing a disservice to some of you who really love his games, so I asked and Jonathan is actually down for an AMA!

TL;DR: An AMA with Jonathan is in the works! Who's down for this? Which day of the week should we host the AMA?

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13 months ago

I'm kind of in and out during the week (when I need a brain break from work haha) and rarely around on the weekend, so live AMA might not work for me either. 

Owner13 months ago

I'll talk with Jonathan and think about some options. He seems so down and excited to do one, so we'll see how we can make this work the best for everyone!

Supporter13 months ago

This is great but I work so much I doubt I’ll be available for the live AMA. 

Owner13 months ago

Hmmmm we'll see how it goes, it'll be our first and Jonathan is aware that it's a bit of a trial run. He seemed excited for it though and it's always great to work with someone who is willing and having the mindset to have fun haha

Edit: I'm not sure how we'll approach it yet. The typical format is to have somewhat of a time limit but it might not be fitting for us. If Jonathan is willing, then it'd be great if it could go on for the whole day xD

Premium User13 months ago

I'm definitely down for this.  I've talked briefly with Jonathan at SHUX a couple of times and he was great to talk to with some really thoughtful comments. 

As to which day of the week, I'm assuming we're talking evenings here so for me a Tuesday or Friday would be best but really as long as you can do the AMA for the most amount of people it's all good.

Owner13 months ago

From just the few exchanges we've had, he seems like a great guy and I'm looking forward to his responses to the interview questions.

Nice! I'll try to work out a schedule that will be best for everyone and let you know the options.