Too Many Bones in about 3 minutes


So my verdict on too many bones. A lot to love here, but after 3 full campaigns of it, I feel like i'm done with it. For at least a while. It's a great game to discover and explore, but i'm not feeling the call to really dig into it and master each character. The core gameplay loop is just a little too repetitive for me personally. I'd gladly play it again, but not immediately. As a concept and as a piece of board game design, its really impressive and clever and i can see why its hugely popular. But as much as i love the character system, the fights felt grindy after a while. Like i wanted them to be over so i could just get the upgrade. Which is very MMO like.

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Supporter3 months ago

Great video, and I really really appreciated the ending dice tosses.  LOL

3 months ago

Cheers :)

3 months ago

3 months ago

Ya man I saw this, I actually just got my copy in the mail and am excited to give it a go so I can formulate my opinions on it! I have done enough research to recognize the flaws and the exciting elements of the game and my sense is that the excitement will outweigh the flaws. I love progression, I really enjoy tactics and I see a really deep interactive space!

3 months ago

Nice! Just in time for the solo challenge, haha

3 months ago

Exactly! We just moved this weekend to a new house so I think it will be a nice little reprieve!


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