Weekly Challenge #2: To go ...Back...To the Future.


Recently we played #Back to the Future: Back in Time.  We were delightfully suprised at how challenging and fun this game was.  If you like Back to the Future this game nails it.  From the minature Delorean to the picture of Marty and his family that slowly fades over time if you fail to get Marty's parents to fall in love, to the Tales from Space rulebook and all the clever items that you pick up along the way, this game just gets what it is to be in Back to the Future.  I should say this is a coop for up to 4 people.  We played with 3 and had no isssues.  The game scales for different player counts using 2 different time tracks.  The best part for us was simply that the game was actually pretty challenging.  It took us three games to get our first win and we just squeeked it out.  The game concept is pretty simple.  Get the Delorian and the parts you need to replair it to Doc's shop and then to the clock tower and make sure that George and Lorraine are in love...and if you are there at preciscly 10:04pm on November 12th, 1955 you will go Back to the Future...and win the game.  We had a ton of fun playing this.  Think you might as well if you love the movie as much as we do.  I included a link to pics we took of the game.




Marty McFly: Hey, Doc. You'd better back up, we don't have enough road to get up to 88.


Dr. Emmett Brown: Roads? Where we going we don't need roads.

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10 months ago

Thanks for writing this up, love the tiny delorean and it seems like they've nailed it thematically. Do you feel like the game has a lot of replayability?

How much interaction/team-work was there between the players did you find? Were you all going off to do seperate things or did you have to work together to achieve each objective?

10 months ago

There is a decent amount of replayability.  The game is not easy by any means and you really have to work together to manipulate the  board state.  Characters specialize in differnet areas, Marty for instance is better at fighting Biff than Doc, but that doesn't mean Doc cant do it at all.  Much like Pandemic it's a bit of conversation between turns while we figure out what we are trying to do, prioritizing the love meter over moving the delorean or completing a challenge that might give us an item that will make one of those two things a little easier.  In some way it reminds me of Horrified, which has a similar coop feel, but while there's mutiple monsters in Horrified, there is only the one scenario in Back to the Future.  Although there is only one scenario in Pandemic...and it's lasted quite a while.

10 months ago

That makes a lot of sense, and true about Pandemic too!

Glad you had a good time with it :)

Premium User10 months ago

Nice! Sounds like a fun one for fans of the movie. I imagine it doesn't have a ton of replayability, but I think that's fine for a light, thematic co-op like this. Does it seem that way to you?

10 months ago

Yes, I think in many ways the pandemic example holds up here.  If you're the type of peroson that can play pandemic over and over again, I don't think you would have any issue doing the same with this game.  You can manipulate variables to increase difficulty if you like and play different combinations of the 4 characters.

10 months ago

Does it function similar to a pandemic type of game? What are the main mechanics on this?

10 months ago

Yes similar.  Each player has their own power.  You have basic things like movement, but the meat of the game is challenges using dice.  The challenges appear all over the board as a time track goes by and when you try one you roll dice based on the type of challenge, the more dice the more chance of success but also the more chance of rolling Biffs...and when you roll Biffs he moves around the board and if he reaches George or Lorraine then you start losing points on the love meter...and that is bad...so its an interesting coordination of moving George and Lorraine and fighting Biff and trying to accomplish the goals of the game...all before running out of time.

10 months ago

Sounds pretty neat! This company has been churnning out decent games for target!

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