September’s Upcoming Board Games – Omens, Moons and Nightmares

Today we’ll show you 3 tabletop games coming to Kickstarter in September. A standalone expansion to a deck-building card game, an unique SF euro game and a new title in the bizarre universe of Deep Madness.

Omen: Heir to the Dunes – September 5th

The Omen Saga is a 2-player strategy card game series by John Clowdus. It consists of the core game and a number of independent expansions. Standalone campaigns take us to various places of the ancient world: from Rome to Persia. The newest expansion is going to deal with a certain ancient country with pharaohs, pyramids and a huge, life giving river called Nile. Egypt.

Omen: Heir to the Dunes is the next standalone expansion for Omen. It could easily be called “the biggest expansion” as there is so much packed into one box here. The expansion stuff isn’t limited to cards. There’s a new victory path and a proper set of new, godly factions: Horus and Anubis. Each of these two can grant you random bonuses – like drawing additional cards.

What about the replayability? You can add some elements from other Omen games and get a different experience each time you play. These who prefer solo modes, will also find a set of singleplayer rules in the box.

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