Monolith Arena – “Carcassonne with a body count” – Cardboard Guru

Players: 2-4 | Time: 30-45 Min. | Genre: Skirmish No, I didn’t play Neuroshima Hex. I just want to get that out of the way before going further ahead because it seems every review talks about their...

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2 months ago

I bought this game a while ago, but haven't played it yet (I kinda forgot I had it).

But seeing your review will inspire me to get it to the table!


2 months ago

This one has always seemed like a neat game to me, but hasn't intrigued me enough to buy it. It sounds like maybe relay value could be an issue, given the lack of content?

2 months ago

It's weird because there are only four factions, but the random draws force different situations. If you draw your big champion early, the game is going to lead to different decisions down the road. The monolith variant allows you to pick two tiles beforehand, which also results in different decisions.

It sort of is, and sorta isn't


2 months ago

Hmm yeah, I could see that. If you love the game, there's probably some interesting strategies to be found through repeated plays.

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