BGA Feature #51 Game Filters Now Include Publisher & Designer Search


I've added 2 new filters that obviously should have been there for a long time. Publishers and Designers. The other cool feature that I've put in after being frustrated endlessly myself is an "Active Filters" section at the top that allows you to easily see how it's filtered and being able to remove ones.

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13 months ago

I like this a lot!! You are killin it Trent!

Supporter13 months ago

Awesome. Is the ability to search by designer coming next?

Owner13 months ago

Yes, that will be coming soon-ish. Probably not next since there are some limitations but we'll see how difficult it would be.

Supporter13 months ago


Owner13 months ago

Turns out it was easy so it's now live! Haha.

Supporter13 months ago


Partner13 months ago

nice work

Owner13 months ago

Haven't tested it enough but at least for the publisher option on mobile, nothing seems to happen when I click on the autocomplete for Stonemaier Games. Also, the published year filter needs an option for the current year!

Thanks Trent!

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