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My Dream List


A few weeks ago I spoke about the games I doubt I'd get.  Well with this weeks challenge I wanted to try and combine both games I, sadly, doubt I'll get, and my top games that I may pick up some day to make the ultimate dream list.

1. #Dune - This one has teetered back and forth for me.  I am starting to feel more strongly that it move from my "it won't get played" list to my "maybe I can get a few people to play with me".  I don't know why but I feel like if I can get people into #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) I might be able to get them interested in trying this out.  I love the theme, I love what I've watched about it, and I love what I've seen in the mechanics.

2. #Twilight Imperium 4th Edition - I need a 4X game in my life, and a SciFi themed one to boot.  I just know this will be too long... but in the perfect world oh man would I play this game.

3. #Inis - This is a game that has gone off and on my wishlist but now it's solidly on as a game I'd like to pick up (maybe if they have it available in 2021 it'll be my one purchase next year).  The more I look into the more I want it.  I have a strong feeling it'll be on my shelf at some point.

4. #Empires of the Void II - This is my best option at the moment for a TI 4 alternative.  It looks awesome, it claims 4X, it's SciFi, and it's really pretty.  I honestly think I could have a lot of fun with this game so it is also solidly on my list.  (Maybe if I were lucky enough to win another Giveaway).  However, I do think if the circumstances lined up right I would purchase it.

5. #Rurik: Dawn of Kiev - This one is weird because it's really in the middle of I will get it and I won't get it.  Right now I think I'd only get it with some kind of Giveaway win (but also only if I haven't picked up #Empires of the Void II or #Dune yet). 

I do think that these games would really round out my collection for years to come.

What about you?  Do you have a dream list of games you will and won't get?  Do you keep Dream games on your Wishlist just in case, or leave them off so as to not tempt yourself?  

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