Feedback Sunday! (2020-04-12)


For those who are new, this is a weekly post where you can share your praises/complaints/wish features for our forum, game pages, content, etc. You can also find more information in this article where I walk through the various features on BGA.

Since Trent's already receiving lots of feedback through the feature update posts, I have questions for you on content.

  • I recently pushed out an article that looks into trends in game page views. I'll be releasing another one this week that will reflect lots of changes in trends due to COVID-19. Would you like this to be a monthly article? If there isn't much interest from you all, I'd rather put time into something that you want to see more of. And if you like the idea but have suggestions to make it better, please feel free to give feedback!
  • Alternatively, what do you think about the idea of having a separate page on BGA where we keep track of these changes in trends? Something similar to the boardgames subreddit's page here?
  • If you have an idea for a different type of content, please share! You can also let me know if you've especially enjoyed some of my past content more (e.g. interviews).

Lastly, sorry about the late post!

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Premium User13 months ago

Not so much feedback but I've been noticing that the entry count for the giveaway has been stuck for a few days for me. No big deal just FYI.

Owner13 months ago

Just tested it and that's true for me as well. Will ask Trent tomorrow just to make sure it's only an error with the display. Thanks for catching that!

13 months ago

Has play logging been removed? Not finding the link anymore on the game pages (was there maybe a month ago, wish I got to play more).

I also tried the app.  I thought the app was erroring when I logged plays but it turns out I was still using a preview version.  I downloaded the current version and instead I get stuck with a blank screen.

Owner13 months ago

The play log button has been removed from the game page since there's a button for quicker access on the top bar now. If you look at the blue top bar, you can hover over "Play Logs" to access your logs or to log a play. From there, you can log multiple plays and search games without needing to go to each game page. Let me know how it works for you!

And by app, do you mean the Board Game Atlas app? It's been a longgg time since Trent updated that so I'm pretty sure it's behind all of the recent feature updates!

Supporter13 months ago

I think the idea of a page makes a lot of sense. I have really enjoyed the articles.... But I think a page would be much easier to maintain and to find. When I say that I do want to acknowledge that I probably prefer the article format.... But, sometimes I want something that is updated more frequently. And, it would free you up for more stuff.

I've been thinking of some stuff that I would like to see. 

  • This community has really grown since I joined 6ish month ago, and I haven't noticed any real problems with the content that real users are posting. But, the growth I've seen make me think that we might see problems at some point. I thought it might be nice to have a short guideline as to what is or is not acceptable to post. 
  • It's been a while since I've seen any artist interview etc... I don't want to hound you, I know they take a lot of time.... But, they were very interesting. 

Have a happy Easter. 

Owner13 months ago

Moments like these make me wish I could do some programming magic to make things faster. But that's what Trent's here for so I'll see how could it would be for him to add a tagging feature on the article. I do think it'll be a compelling enough data that people will want to look at every now and then, so a dedicated page would be nice.

I definitely agree with you on the need for more guidelines. And we might even consider placing a posting limit depending on their level of the user's participation.

I think several people have voiced wanting more of the interviews, so I'll definitely get onto it! It's nice to have some mixture in content :D

Hope you enjoyed a great Easter!

Owner13 months ago

Oh and one more thing. The reason why that type of article takes a long time is because it takes lots of steps (export all data, figure out the changes in game page ranking relative to previous month, put together an article with text, images, and links--the article doesn't yet have a tagging function). If anything, if there isn't much interest in this type of article, I could just make a regular forum post with the same content without images. That alone would take half of the time. 

Premium User13 months ago

I think the information is quite interesting, but personally the pictures don't add much. Maybe that's just me. If you have a better use for that time, I vote spend it elsewhere. If it was a forum post, you could easily tag each game, and people could just click through if they're curious about what it looks like.

Owner13 months ago

Grabbing and linking each game page and getting the right images probably took at least 1.5 hours, if not more. At this point, I agree that a regular forum post will be the way to go. I might just finish up the April update with a regular article since I started working on it anyway. Thanks for the feedback!

Premium User13 months ago

Yeah and if you want you could still promote it on the front page like you might with an article.

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