Brass: Lancashire - DIY Organization

I have the retail version of Lancashire, which doesn’t have an insert (I believe the deluxe edition does?), and I cannot stand everything in a box residing in plastic bags; it drives me nuts. Therefore I have been trying to find a good way to organize the game without breaking the bank.

4 Dollar Tree pill boxes, a repurposed Rise of Fenris box, and a couple of drawstring bags, and this is the final result:

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Owner25 months ago

My wife got a lot of useful stuff from Dollar Tree for tidying up our place during the wave of Marie Kondo haha. Great stuff! Especially like your touch with the drawstring bags

25 months ago

Ha, nice! My wife and I don't follow the Kondo method exactly, but have found the 'does it spark joy?' question to be a very useful tool for many decisions. It was actually that question that led to me purging Terraforming Mars from my collection lol.

Owner25 months ago

We are looking around for a bigger place for our 10 month old and two of the places had "does it spark joy?" up on their wall hahaha

What made you get rid of Terraforming Mars? Just curious cause I've never played it but it's mentioned so often

25 months ago

Eh, it’s a fine game, and I can appreciate why people like it.

The main reason I got rid of it is that I just don’t find it that interesting; the game was sort of boring to me. It also is overstayed it’s welcome; I think it’s far too long for what it is. 

Though, it’s not that I actively dislike it - if one of my friends owned, and wanted to play it, I would. I just don’t want it on my shelf. 

All of that being said: I’ve been playing the digital beta on iOS, and I think it makes a far better digital game. 

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