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Games for These Times We Live In


I was looking over my game collection and thinking that some games feel very applicable right now to current events.

#Pandemic -  Okay this is the most obvious but a good place to start.

#QE - As the government prints trillions of dollars in funny money through Quantitative Easing programs, this game is suddenly very topical.

#Stockpile - Some companies are getting rich, some are going broke

#The Estates - I hope you weren't in the middle of a big real estate investment project.

#Arctic Scavengers: Base Game+HQ+Recon - When we reach the other side of this thing, what kind of post-Apocalyptic Virus world will we be living in?

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Owner8 months ago

#Agricola (Revised Edition). Real life issues trying to feed your family haha

Supporter8 months ago

I got notified of this comment while out tending to my real life crops. 

8 months ago

We definitely played Pandemic the night COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. Hadn't played it in quite some time, so it was a good excuse. And we lost (twice), so hopefully that's not an ill omen...

8 months ago

#The Resistance: how the people protesting the lockdown see themselves?

Supporter8 months ago

I appreciate the theme tie in but not the game lol. The Resistance is probably one of my least favorite games.

8 months ago

Interesting, is it specifically something about the resistance you dislike or are you also not a fan of social deduction games more broadly?

Resistance isn't my favourite game by any stretch, but I've rarely met anyone who actively dislikes it

Supporter8 months ago

maybe it was just me but I kept thinking we were in some kind of pre-game role selection and then I realized that that WAS the game. 

For reference I dislike Coup even more. 

8 months ago

Haha, I can see how it isn't for everyone, I tend to prefer more long form traitor mechanics but I must admit I do enjoy Coup! There is something about the brazenness of the bluffing that is just hilarious to me. Also, it is over so quickly that the stakes feel low enough to make crazy plays just incase they work.

What is the kind of game that you do enjoy?

Supporter8 months ago games, economic games, light war games, euros....I can enjoy most types of games really. Co-ops are very hit or miss for me though. I guess social deduction is as well haha

8 months ago

#Terraforming Mars or #On Mars...heck we might need to leave this planet...

8 months ago

Right as the quarantine started in our state, we played #Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game and the scenario was about racing for a cure. It felt very thematically appropriate for the times.

8 months ago

Dead of winter was my first thought too: For when the virus decides to take a nasty turn! The solution is always to kill Mall Santa

Supporter8 months ago

I forgot about that game. That would be a good one.