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Gamenerdz DOTD: Root $36


39 in stock, you need to add to cart to see the price.

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Premium User2 months ago

I saw this earlier...I know you're all praising it quite a bit all the time lol but I don't think it's a good fit for me so I passed

Supporter2 months ago

Wise to pass if it won't be a good fit. It can be really tempting just to buy something because, "it is a good deal" that typically hasn't worked out well for me.

Premium User2 months ago

For sure. I've had several games I've bought on good deals simply because I heard good things. Wound up trading a few of them after being unable to get them to the table. I guess you can call this growth? Lol

Supporter2 months ago

That is what I call it. 

Owner2 months ago

Yeah, it really depends on your preferences and especially on your typical gaming group's dynamic. I've had one session where it was a bit of a miss

2 months ago

Very good deal! I considered it for a minute, but one of my good friends has the game, so it wouldn't be worth it even at that price.

Supporter2 months ago

And it's dead. 

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