Raiders Of The North Sea Solo: First Impressions


As soon as the #Raiders of the North Sea solo app was released I picked it up and months later I finally had the chance to use it.

First, let me say the app is good, it is easy to follow the rules and runs smooth.

It's a good solo mode (I think Worker Placement as a mechanic makes for a smooth solo experience).

Of course there are some things I liked and some things that just aren't the same.

1. It's fun, and gives me the chance to play when I am in a gaming group dry spell.  Also, I prefer it to the app because I prefer board games to video games/apps in general.  

2. I won by 4 points so it was a tight race too which is good.

A few things that are missing from a multiplayer game...

1. It's very easy to plan out using the other workers in future turns (white and grey) because there is no threat of other people picking them up.  So you miss out on some of the (what I think is fun) frustration and also strategy of trying to see if anyone in front of you will pick up a white worker based on what they have.  One of the best things for me in Raiders is trying to see if people have the ability to get where you want before you.  It makes you strategize off other players games.  

2. I play with players who are aggressive so we use a lot of the "Take That" actions in the game.  I think the last time we played a 5 player game there were 12 "Take That" Town Hall actions taken.  Obviously that is missing from the game.

I didn't play with the #Raiders of the North Sea: Hall of Heroes Expansion but it does allow for that as well which is really cool.

Still, this could be a staple solo game for me along with others.  Right now #Clans of Caledonia is still tops on the list for solo play.

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Supporter2 months ago

Nice, still want to try this out some day and digital will probably be the way to go for me. Not that I've ever gone crazy with purchases, but I'll be slowing down on the games I purchase to play with my wife since it doesn't happen all that often.

By the way, is the main point of the app to run the AI deck?

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