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Should I Back This Kickstarter?

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Just Do It(5 votes) 100%
Wait for Retail(0 votes) 0%

5 votes

Okay so admittedly this is probably a post best suited for the solo war gamers of the world like or those of you who have played David Thompson's other outputs (I'm looking at you ), but I would gladly take any and all opinions.

Thanks to So Very Wrong About Game's most recent Patreon exclusive episode, I was introduced to a Kickstarter for a solo wargame from DVG and David Thompson called #Soldiers in Postmen's Uniforms. Historically speaking, it's based around a German siege of a Polish post office during WW2. I'm not much of a history buff (or wargamer for that matter), but the premise of the game piqued my interest for a few reasons. First and foremost, it sounds like an incredible story. On top of that, my dad was a postmaster. That being said he didn't have to defend his office from German attackers...well at least not that he's told me lol. Anyways after having checked it out it seems simple enough mechanically where I wouldn't have too much trouble playing it but I'm on the fence about backing it. I know many feel that any waivering of feelings on whether to back or not should automatically trigger something in me to not back, but I personally feel like I'm splitting hairs with my issues with the game. Here are my main pros and cons.


  • Sounds REALLY cool from a historical standpoint
  • I have exactly 0 games that could even be remotely considered in this genre so it fulfils a niche in my collection
  • It's a solo only game so I don't need to convince anyone to play it with me
  • Easy to understand rules may serve as a good intro into this type of game
  • Designer and publisher pedigree - I know I'm getting a solid game
  • It's not particularly expensive so it seems like a low risk high reward


  • Historically speaking, the postmen are forced to surrender - not sure how I feel about the "win condition" being how many of your defenders survive
  • It's a solo only game (lol) so I theoretically can't share the experience with my dad who I think would enjoy this
  • And a final mild con, it's quite luck based as you roll dice a lot

My main hang up honestly is that win condition bit. From what I've seen, it's a beat the score type with different levels of victory. I know it has to be historically accurate but at least give me some hope you know? Anyways, what do you think, should I back it or not?

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Supporter55 days ago

I don't have a huge opinion on the style of game but I do have a few thoughts.

First, retail version is almost always cheaper (and sometimes if you can wait it'll drop quite a bit), plus you aren't going to be paying the high shipping cost even if you get it from an online retailer that will be shipping it. 

However, there have been no backers at the retail level and it hasn't made a ton of money which means the publisher may not even be making retail copies (this can happen sometimes on KS especially if it's a smaller less known publisher/game/etc.)

So if you do really want this game, I would say you should either back it, or confirm with the publisher that it will hit retail.  I backed a game once because it had no plan to hit retail so if you don't back it you could miss out on it.

Premium User55 days ago

Is that how the retail pledge works? If no one backs it it doesn't go retail?

That's an excellent point though that I have thought about. There are 2 other games in the series that don't appeal to me thematically but game play wise are similar. Because of the whole $70 commitment to KS including shipping, I've considered picking up one of the other 2 titles instead but they are sparsely available. That being said I don't know how their KS campaigns went. Might be worth reaching out to the publisher. Thanks for the advice!

Supporter55 days ago

I did vote yes, even though I haven't played any other David Thompson games.....

Liz Davidson from beyond solitaire intervied David Thompson about this a week or two ago. You can listen to that interview here. It isn't that long a listen, I think 35ish minutes, but I would recomend it if you are interested in the game. 

As far as the part where you are forced to surrender. If you feel like that is a con, it might be a con. For me, that is one thing that attracts me to it. I have been super intrigued by games, like #Navajo Wars, where you cannot win in the typical military sense. Rather, you must do your best to defend your honor, and to hold off the enemy for as long as possible. To me the games that put you in the position of the losers is a different and unique viewpoint of that I like in games. I don't want every game to be like that, but I want a lot more games like that.

It does look like it has a fair amount of luck in the dice. But, to me, it looks like strategy and tactics are still very important parts of the game. 


Premium User55 days ago

Thanks for the answer! I knew you'd come through with great thoughts. I actually have subscribed to Liz's pod but haven't listened to that episode yet so I'll do that now!

That's an interesting perspective about the surrender. I'm just more of the opinion of it would feel like you're always doing all that good strategizing for nothing. But again if it's based on history, that IS the most accurate ending haha. Guess this is why I don't play wargames. That being said it does change my mindset a little knowing that this would be the only game in my collection like that so it's not so bad. As you said, do I want every game to be like this? No absolutely not. But this isn't every game, it's just one that I would own.

The luck part is a pretty minor gripe. I think that's what would give it most of the variability in game play. I do agree the strategy and tactics of how to deal with the results of those dice rolls are more important.


Supporter54 days ago

I don't know that my thoughts are great. LOL. But I am happy my comments were helpful.

Premium User54 days ago

Great enough for me to back it LOL

Supporter53 days ago

Wow, good deal. I hope we didn't lead you astray.+

Premium User53 days ago

I don't think so! Now to wait for April 2021 lol

Supporter53 days ago

That is a very short time for a kickstarter.

Premium User53 days ago

For sure. The way these things have been going through Covid though I'm sure it will take a lot longer 

Supporter53 days ago

That is true. But, I do think that they should have that mostly figured out by now.

Premium User53 days ago

I hope so..I really wanna play it haha

55 days ago

Thanks for tagging me, I was really hyped to see this!

I've had a look at the rulebook and some videos and it looks like an absolute winner to me, and I'm considering backing it myself. That said, backing it now versus waiting for retail will probably save you about 10 bucks. If you prefer to wait... why not?

#Castle Itter has some rules around soldiers escaping and it's very interesting and well integrated, so I have no doubt that win condition is fine.

The only element I would seriously warn people about is like you said, the dice rolling. The luck can be pretty crushing and I don't mind that, but I imagine some people would find it very frustrating. Not only that, there's A LOT of dice rolling in #Castle Itter and it can occasionally start to feel tedious. That's my only gripe about that game, aside from the colour scheme being a bit poor, but I much prefer the look and layout of this board.

Premium User55 days ago

Thanks for the reply! Glad to hear that Castle Itter has similar rules and they don't feel demoralizing lol. I was also considering grabbing either that or Pavlov's House as I could get either sooner but the theming in both doesn't do much for me. As the total opposite of a history buff, the fact that this game's theme is appealing should tell me I should definitely back it. And yeah that color scheme in Castle Itter is not the greatest.

My concerns waiting for retail is 1) it may never happen though that seems unlikely and 2) I had enough trouble finding the older two titles online. Miniature market has them for about $45 but everywhere else I looked was out of stock. And of course with any OLGS I'll need a minimum spend to get free shipping so would I be really saving money? Lol

55 days ago

The retail version will be $10 cheaper?  Or $10 more?

55 days ago

This is kickstarting for £37 minus shipping. I bought Castle Itter for £50 with shipping. If this is similarly priced at retail I don't think an extra £10 ($15) or so is that bad.

Premium User54 days ago

I just did the math out based on the USD KS pledge amounts with shipping for the previous 2 titles.

For Pavlov's House, it would have been roughly the same cost to get at retail.

Castle Itter about $10 more through the KS vs retail.

Assuming this has the same retail price point (if it gets there), I'd be spending about $15 more to get it through the KS campaign. As I mentioned, the fact I couldn't find them really outside of MM - and they only have 16 copies of Pavlov's, Castle Itter is OOS - makes me a little hesitant to just assume this one will be available at retail. I messaged the campaign on KS so we'll see what they say.

54 days ago

Yeah it seems like it might not be available.  If it weren't for that I would definitely just wait if its going to be cheaper.  But see what they say I guess.

Premium User54 days ago

To be completely honest my FOMO will probably kick in regardless and I'll just back it anyway 🤣

54 days ago

If I were you I'd be leaning towards that way as well

Premium User54 days ago

I maaayyy have...already done so... LOL

53 days ago

You won't be disappointed, I have 100% faith in that. David Thompson is one of the best designers in the world imo and everyone should try at least one of his games to experience how slick, simple and satisfying they are. Really looking forward to your thoughts.

Premium User53 days ago

The simplicity of the earlier designs is certainly a plus. It does seem slightly more involved than those two. Someone did ask that question and of course now I can't find it lol. Anyways I'll get back to you in April 2021 with my thoughts haha

52 days ago

lol well the results of your poll were a lot more definitive than mine.

Premium User52 days ago

I may have voted myself lol. But yeah aside from that they definitely were 

51 days ago

haha if you are voting yourself then I don't think you need a poll next time. 

Premium User51 days ago

Hey don't judge me! There were already more than enough votes, I was just making sure it won! :)

But seriously like with your KS poll I just needed an extra push and for people to tell me I was being crazy.

50 days ago

Yeah if folks are open to those types of discussions there may be a lot more of these types of polls around here lol