I have been aloof to Kickstarter ever since I heard of it. I think it is mostly because I don't like buying something and waiting that long for it to come. I do have some other reasons as well.

It seems like the Kickstarters I've played have been more bling than substance, as if the designers thought they could throw more stuff at the game to make it, you know, a game. To be clear, this applies only to those that didn't make it to retail.

Some of the Kickstarters I have played have been extremely inconsistent as far as components appearance and how the rulebook says they should look.

Lastly, I have always thought that IF the game is good enough, it will eventually hit retail. At that point I have a lot more of a base to research it.

But, all this notwithstanding, the upcoming Kickstarter for Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile Designed by Cole Werhle and published by Leder Games is coming up. I don't know when the Kickstarter will start. I don't know the price of the game. But I have a lot of respect for Cole Wehrle, and, I really expect Oath to be a good game. To make a long story short, if it looks like it could have a good solo or 2 player mode, there is a high chance I will back it.

I am really curious for those of you who have backed earlier Kickstarters from Leder Games what has your experience been?

Do they generally underestimate the time they need to complete the project?

Do they communicate with their backers?

Would you recommend the experience of backing Leder Games?

Would you recommend Kickstarter in general?

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19 months ago

I haven't backed any of their games, but from the banter around the interwebs, I believe them to be honest and forthright. Although I haven't backed from them yet, I wouldn't hesitate based on their company.

I only do Kickstarter for games I really really want. I've backed a lot of Tiny Epic game, because I know what to expect from them. I backed the Mistborn game because it's an IP I'm madly in love with. I backed Reavers of Midgard because I love Champions, and I know its content to be good. I was a bit disappointed in the component quality of Reavers, especially considering the quality of their Champions of Midgard. But, they're working through that with their backers right now, so we'll see what happens.

In all, Kickstarter is usually a platform you can trust when larger companies put up a campaign. For new publishers, always check credentials and for red flags. Check the comments section too, as people are unafraid to voice their concerns and opinions. Personally, I wouldn't hesitate to back Oath. Of course, that all depends on cost, but Leder Games should be fine.

Supporter19 months ago

Thanks, that has sort of been my feeling. I was wondering if anybody has had any experience directly with Leder games. But the quick field guide you gave is helpful.

Supporter19 months ago

Generally as a rule. I stay away from kickstarter in general because of all of these reasons. 

Owner19 months ago

I've never backed a game. One thing I do notice from their campaigns is that there's active communication with the backers, which is always a great sign.

Premium User19 months ago

The only game I've backed so far has been Oceans: An Evolution Game by North Star games. I'm not in a rush to get it, so I'm not worried about delays, and they're an established company, so I'm not worried about whether or not they will actually deliver. Those are pretty much the circumstances under which I'll back a game. Company with an established track record, a game I really want, and if I'm willing to pay and then not get it for a few months.

Premium User19 months ago

I forgot - I also backed Throw Throw Burrito, but I don't really count that in the same category, as it's a well-established, very successful company (they made Exploding Kittens), and not really a hobby game, more of a silly party game. The game is what it is, silly fun, but the Kickstarter did not disappoint. It shipped early and I'm pretty sure they gave us extra stuff, can't quite remember.

Premium User19 months ago

I backed several games a couple of years back when I came in to a bit of extra money.  I hadn't done it yet so figured I'd try it out.  

For me, I'm not a big fan of it for board games.  I got some definite winners mind you.  (Gloomhaven, Brass (both versions) but also a bunch of stuff that was meh to ok.  Everything delivered and nothing was "bad" about anything.  

For me there were several things I didn't like:

1) My money was tied up for quite a long time.  When I was waiting for the kickstarter several really great games came in to my local game store which I couldn't get because my money was tied up.  

2) I don't enjoy the waiting and the delays.  Out of the 8 or so things I kickstarted only 2 came on time.  They were smaller games so less variable which makes sense.  Some people love getting the items in the mail but it wasn't that way for me.  

3) I was definitely susceptible to Kickstarter hype and many of the games I got in the end were pretty meh to me.  I discovered I prefer to buy things I can research ahead of time.

I will still consider kickstarting board games that are reprints of proven winners and the Reaper Bones kickstarters are amazing value for the money so I'm in for those but otherwise I'll leave kickstarter alone.

Supporter19 months ago

You state my doubts better than I do, thank you. 

I am seriously interested in backing Oath depending on the price, and seeming performance at low player counts.

Premium User19 months ago


All of that said, I'm not against anyone else enjoying Kickstarter.  It just doesn't work for me.

And it also doesn't mean that if the right thing comes along I WON'T use kickstarter.  It's just a harder sell for me. :)

Supporter19 months ago

I understand. There is a good chance I'll back it. The chance is equally good I'll wait, read/watch some reviews, and buy it retail. We will see. 

Supporter19 months ago

I backed a few games on Kickstarter over the last year and there are definitely a few I wish I had waited on the retail editions.  Many of the SG left a lot to be desired.  It felt like just more stuff thrown in the box.  It was nice but could have been better.  I remember I was very underwhelmed by the SG for Western Legends.  As much as I love that game I'd love to have saved some money and got it a few months after the retail release.  Having said that I have a few qualifications for backing a Kickstarter now.

1. Do I trust the company to deliver a great Kickstarter Edition of a Game.

2. Do I feel strongly about what the company offers in general and I want to support them

3. Is it a game that looks like I absolutely need it but it won't have a retail release. (I've only done this once and doubt I'd do it again.)

Having said that.  Leder Games is a company I trust and I want to support.  Therefore, barring some kind of information during the Kickstarter that makes the game look really bad I will most likely back Oath within the first couple of days.

Additionally, since I started the hobby I have backed 3 of 4 Tiny Epic games. (TEM did not interest me).  I trust Gamelyn Games and I know they will get their product out close to (usually right) on time.  I also know I'm going to get something I really enjoy because I've liked all the other TE games.

Supporter19 months ago

Pardon my ignorance, but what does SG mean?

Supporter19 months ago

Stretch Goals... not to overly explain l, but just in case.  A lot of games will add content when they hit different funding goals.  Some companies do I good job with this, others are lacking.  But it is almost always used to say “back it or you’ll never get this exclusive content” that often disappoints

Supporter19 months ago

A, Got it.  I understand stretch goals, I just didn't connect it to SG. Now I feel slightly foolish for missing such a obvious abbreviation.

Thanks for clearing it up.

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