Feedback Friday! (2020-10-02)


For those who are new, this is where you can share your feedback on all things related to Board Game Atlas. You can also find more information in this article where I walk through the various features on BGA.

First of all, thank you for all of your feedback on game ratings on the previous post. As you could see, we all have very different opinions/preferences when it comes to this lol. Hope we'll be able to come up with a solution that works for most of you.

Second, we'll be conducting polls on a regular basis starting next week. These polls will be promoted on our home page and on Board Game Prices. The main purpose behind these polls are:

  • To have fun discussing various topics and have an easy jumping point for users on Board Game Prices
  • Generate poll results that will make for interesting content
  • Vote on favorite games/designers/publishers/artists/etc and give out rewards to the appropriate people. The winning game/designer/publisher/artist/etc will have a badge displayed on the associated page on BGA. We're also considering awarding the winner a free promotion on the discover page
  • Encourage winners (designers/publishers/artists) to share about the news and help others discover BGA

Those are some rough ideas I have in my head so far. And to accomplish this, Trent is in the middle of upgrading our poll feature to allow users to add options on a poll (so if a poll is about voting for Game of the Year, you'd be able to add an option that you don't see listed in the poll, similar to how Facebook works)

What are your thoughts on this? Also, please suggest some cool/fun poll ideas!

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Supporter53 days ago

Favorite Podcast?

Supporter43 days ago

Ended up going with this one! Thanks for the suggestion :)

Supporter40 days ago


52 days ago

Good one! Which pod(s) do you listen to?

Supporter51 days ago

I listen to a bunch but often skip through to just the parts I want to... Dice Tower, Secret Cabal, Blue Peg Pink Peg, Ludology, Brawling Brothers, Dukes of Dice, Tantrum House, Shut Up and Sit Down, Rolling Dice and Taking Names, Quackalope and others 

51 days ago

That is way more than I ever would have expected to exist even lol. Of those I've only listened to a few episodes of Blue Peg Pink Peg for specific game discussions. My go to's are Board Game Barrage and So Very Wrong About Games.

Supporter50 days ago

Board game Barrage is one I subscribe to also :) but I  haven't heard of the other one. 

54 days ago

I can't seem to "like" a post from the post's page. I can like comments, and I can like posts from the forum list, but not from within the post. It shows the blue outline like I'm hovering on it. Chrome on Android.

Supporter52 days ago

Fixed! Thanks for reporting it.

52 days ago

great, thanks!

54 days ago

Just tried to do the same...this is an issue for me too

54 days ago

I like it! It sounds like the results of the polls will be linked? So BGP user votes will be displayed on BGA, and vice versa?

Poll ideas

  • Favorite game from designer/publisher
  • Favorite game with specific mechanism
  • Favorite game from a specific year
  • Best game at X player count

Supporter43 days ago

These are all great. I'll be using one of them for next week! :)

43 days ago


43 days ago

I miss the player avatars.
I need a graphical hook to identify people
now it's just a cascade of text :/ 

Supporter43 days ago

Player avatars? Not sure what you're referring to!

42 days ago

user avatars sorry. Were'nt there little picture (avatars) next to user names when posting? Or are they online shown in certain areas?

I'm still having trouble, really slowly grasping who says what because of the small written usernames and lack of visual identification. 

Supporter54 days ago

I love polls. They are fun to respond to and also really fun to see the results and discuss them. I like this idea!

Supporter52 days ago


54 days ago

Polls sound like a great idea! When I made a poll for one of my forum posts, it didn't seem to work for anyone including myself. I'm sure Trent is doing some behind the scenes work to fix any issues but that's just my feedback from my only experience with that functionality. Maybe you could have some polls for favorite games from your upcoming head to head comparisons.

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