Tom Visits the Board M Game Store in South Korea - YouTube

Join Tom as he peruses the shelves and chats with the owner of the Board M Game Store. Check out the friendliest conventions on Earth! Dice Tower Con! - www.......

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16 months ago

I finally got around to watching this. That as awesome! I live in SoCal and there are just not many good game shops around...too many outdoor distractions like the beach and mountains and stuff. I wish we had a gaming hub in the area like this though. It was cool to see that its not just about selling games but building the community. 

Owner16 months ago

Do you have any board game cafes in your area? I visited one in Glendale called Game Haus Cafe and enjoyed the time with my wife. A little ways from you but maybe when you're around the area you could consider visiting it haha

16 months ago

I am in Riverside, I have not been able to find anything out in my area, but I am not too far from Glendale and I am regularly out there for work so I may need to swing by and check it out! Thanks for the rec!

Owner16 months ago

I'm actually working on my interview with the cafe I mentioned. Once it gets uploaded check it out to see what they're about (there will be pictures of the interior too)!

17 months ago

I always like his travel logs. The one from Iceland last year was pretty cool. The country looks beautiful.

Owner16 months ago

I'm from Korea so it was nice to see him visit there and getting a look at their board gaming scene :)

Owner17 months ago

For those who aren't aware, Tom has a long history with Korea--he taught mathematics at the International Christian School from 2003 to 2010, and also assumed the role of pastor of the church in the same city for a while.

Just wanted to share with you all an interesting side of Tom and a little bit of sneak peek into the board game scene in Korea!

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