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A Tiny Epic game deserves a tiny epic review. Quest is half worker placement, half push-your-luck. Click here to read our ultimate board game guide!...

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12 months ago

Nice review, I agree whole heartedly about the meeples holding things, it is a wonderful innovation and a very elegant solution to keep track of which meeple is equipped with each item. 

I found that although I agree with you  on most of the points about the game it kind of missed the mark for me in terms of how often I will ever play it. While it does pack down very small and so is great for travel, I generally just travel with my partner rather than a group and we have a couple of dedicated 2P games that also travel well that we just prefer to 2P Tiny epic quest (#13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis). I enjoy the game most at 4P but it is slightly too long to be a filler and if I am in the comfort of my home there are other board games that I am more excited to play at that count (that usually come in bigger boxes). So while I like a lot about the game it just hasn't quite found a niche in my life at this point in time.

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