Two Player Tuesday

This is an automated weekly post to talk about the two player games. Do you have a gameplay story, a favorite game, or want recommendations?

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Gekey 15 months ago | 2 points[-]

We are really into Welcome to... and Hanamikoji at the moment for our two player sessions. Both are great for this purpose.

BoardWithRules 15 months ago | 2 points[-]

Recently when my wife and I have been playing a 2 player game we have been playing Stuffed Fables.  Its a great game with casual rules and a fun story line.  We have kids right about the age of the child in the story so it relates to us really well.

1nf1n1ty Supporter15 months ago | 1 point[-]

I've put some plays on this too. I typically don't like Coop, but I've enjoyed Stuff Fables a lot. 

Nicole 15 months ago | 1 point[-]

I tried Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island and decided for myself that this is a very good game. In fact, it is a hybrid,  as Eclipse. This is a cooperative game for 1-4 players, in which you need to jointly play scenarios based on the idea of surviving a shipwrecked group on a desert island.

Robinson Crusoe is a very themed game. It has a huge scope for solutions. Think of what you could do on an uninhabited island - most likely you can do it in the game. Recommend to everyone!

zerotozero 15 months ago | 1 point[-]

I have been meaning to pick up a new cribbage board and start playing again. I have no idea what happened to my old one it was small and meant for travel. I have to assume it was left in  hotel somewhere.

Skippan 15 months ago | 1 point[-]

I have been playing Spring Meadow at 2p the last weekend –and for the last few months. It satisfies the same yearn for puzzles like Patchwork does, and it also becomes a competitive match for 3 or 4 players. Didn’t  know the box contained this opportunity for joy. 

I will be trading Hunt for the Ring for Raptor this weekend. Just played part 1 last night as 2p. Nice experience so far with the Company against the Nazgûl.