Video games and board games

in recent years ive noticed more and more video games get board games made based on them. You would think these wouldbe board game style games like Civ or mario party, but it always seems to be rpgs, such as dark souls or fallout, or manopoly versions. 

what are some games you would like to see in board game format? 

I think zelda would make a great basis for a deck building adventure game (like clank or el dorado).

do you think more games will have board game counterparts i  the future? the market seems open...

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14 months ago

I agree! I've roamed around mobidescargar. And, i found our that lots of famous board games have their mobile versions. It's fun. In general, i'm not into board games much so i don't know much about them. But, i'm willing to try them all on my phone becuase i'm kind of addicted to my phone haha. 


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Supporter18 months ago

I would really like to see a lot of the nintendo IP used in board games outside of Monopoly. Zelda is such a fantastic IP and could be adapted in a lot of ways that would be exciting.

18 months ago

I totally agree! I wonder if they will ever make a mario party board game...

18 months ago

it occurs to me now that more board games are switching tovideo game format (scythe, catan, etc) although they are made to be digital versions of the board game not unique games made with the games mechanics (e.g. they are made to have the pawns and game pieces  and cards not animated characters roaming the board and huds.)