Top 5 Games on my Dream Wishlist


We all have games that we dream of owning but seem unlikely to ever acquire. I call these my dream games. I keep a small mental list of these types of games. Here are the Top 5 games from my dream list that I would love to get but seem to be pretty far out of my reach. 

5.#Kingdom Death: Monster

This one looks crazy insane. I am terrible at craft stuff so I'm sure the miniatures that I built would look awful but I am so intrigued by this behemoth of a game. 

4.#On Mars

One type of game that's missing from my collection is a ultra heavy game from Vital Lacerda. So far I haven't acquired one simply due to cost. This one is running around $120 right now and that's a big purchase. But the theme of this one sounds perfect and I really think I would enjoy digging into this game. Of the games on this list I will probably work to acquire this one second behind the game in the top spot.


Ive heard so much about this game and it looks so incredible. I know I would love it and the theme is fantastic. Plus it has an amazing solo mode. If only it were available to purchase!

2.#Glory To Rome

This one is the least likely game in the list that I would ever be able to acquire, simply because it's just not available. Looks really cool and I love the theme. A man can dream. 

1.#Xia: Legends of a Drift System

This one is the most likely game from this list that I would be able to acquire. It is available from the manufacturer's website and I'm seriously thinking of making this my Christmas present. The theme is perfect for me and it seems like it has a great solo mode. What more could you ask for? 

So there are my top 5 dream games currently on my wishlist! What are some dream games you dream about picking up some day?

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Owner9 months ago

I saw Anachrony: Essential Edition on boardlandia for $44 several days ago but didn't go for it. Mainly because it doesn't come with the solo mode and requires you to PnP the ones the publisher made available. The designer is also updating the solo mode and throwing it into #Anachrony: Fractures of Time expansion

My goodness, imagining you with KD:M.. what a beast that would be!

As for my dream game, #Too Many Bones would be on there but that's a highly likely purchase. But in general, games in Chip Theory Games or Mindclash Games' catalog tend to pique my interest but they're always so so expensive!

Supporter9 months ago

Oh man, #On Mars is so initually attractive to me, but then I saw the play time and didn't look too much into it because I didn't want to fall in love with it.

Premium User9 months ago

I like the limitations on this topic.  I like your list as well :)   I generally find most of the game I chase after but there are a few out there I ended up taking off my list due to some combination of being impossible to find in the US, way to expensive for my budget, or attainable but the cost is too high for a game I don't see getting to the table that much.

#Turin Market tops my list as I simply can't find it anywhere.  I watched it played at a friend's house and thought this small box game would be great for my family.  I might have offered to buy the game right then and there if I'd known how hard it was to find.

#On Mars looks great and comes from a game designer (Ian O'Toole) I like.  It's a little out of my price range and complex enough that I'd have a hard time getting it to the table.

#Cloudspire is a game I always think looks great and appears to have a nice solo mode.  I think I'd enjoy playing this game but at $130+ bones I don;t see myself ever getting this game.  

#Kingdom Death: Monster is one I'd love to play but space, time, money, and someone to play with ALL work against me on this one.  I have a friend who wants to play this but at this time we'd have to play outside and this is not the type of game you set up and tear down easily (or so it appears).

#Star Wars: Rebellion is one I've had on my list in the past and taken off not thinking it would be realistic that I'd ever pick it up.  THere have been a few times I pondered purchasing this game but it would be a little bit like #Firefly The Game in that it is a sprawling game limiting my setup options and highly unlikely that it would see the light of day more than once a year.  

Premium User9 months ago

I have a friend who owns Xia. I haven't gotten to play it yet but I hope to soon!

Supporter9 months ago

I think that Xia is maybe between print runs..... But that is something that I really want, but it needs the expansion to play solo. That is what keeps it in tier two for me. 

Supporter9 months ago

Well the last time I checked on their website both were still available. But I haven't checked for a while. 

Supporter9 months ago

Ok, clearly I'm out of date. I checked their website and you are correct. It's sold out again. 

Supporter9 months ago

I had looked at it a week or so ago, I just double checked, and it is indeed between printings. 

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