Off-Plan (Sobre Plano) Now live on kickstarter


Players: 1-5 
Play Time: 10-30'
Age: 10+

In Off-Plan, we represent real estate agencies who compete to build the homes demanded by the market before our rivals and try to get the highest possible profit. To do this, get the room modules with all necessary equipment and invest in the neighborhoods.

The setup is very simple, a deck of houses and another deck of rooms. Four cards from each are deployed online. Players choose characters in a quick open draft and start the game with 3 fund tokens and 2 cards from the room deck.

A basic game turn would be to take a room, build a house or a public building and finally invest in one of the four neighborhoods.

It is important that every time we take a room (every turn) we can perform its ability. There are 7 different abilities that allow us to: draw more cards, discard houses, exchange houses, invest in the neighborhoods, steal funds previously invested in the neighborhoods, etc. This is one of the main interaction mechanics.

Another way to interact is with the constant investment in each of the 4 neighborhoods to which the houses belong. According to whether funds have been invested or corrupted in each neighborhood and according to the houses that each player has built, the value of these will increase or decrease.

The game has 12 asymmetrical characters that provide a goal to get extra points and a ability that will give us some advantage.

To speed up the game we have 4 event cards that benefit the players and 6 special cards that allow us to draw cards to fill the players' hand.

When it comes to scoring, the value of the houses built, the bonus icons we have among the cards, the funds tokens in our reserve, having fulfilled our character's goal and the funds invested in each neighborhood with respect to the houses we have built will be important.

Off-Plan has 1 standard game mode (with two variants) and 2 solitaire modes.

One of the variants includes the Vulture Backgrounds card, which is shuffled into the housing deck and causes an abrupt ending.



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