Deals of the Day Sale: December 17, 2019

Amazon is having a Deal of the Day sale. Lots of ideas for last-minute gifts!

(This promotion has ended.)

On sale, not part of the Deal of the Day:

Cup of Bluff ~$8 at Amazon & Walmart, save 53% (boardgameprices)

Exit: The Forgotten Island ~$9 at Amazon & Walmart, save 41% (boardgameprices)

Exit: The Forbidden Castle ~$8 at Amazon & Walmart, save 45% (boardgameprices)

Exit: The Polar Station ~$9 at Amazon & Walmart, save 42% (boardgameprices)

Happy Bunny ~$12, save 41% (boardgameprices)

Legends of Andor: Journey to the North ~$26 at Amazon & Walmart, save almost 50% (bgp)

Loony Quest ~$17, save 44% (boardgameprices)

Mine All Mines! ~$6 at Amazon, save 82% (boardgameprices)

One Night Ultimate Werewolf ~$11, save 56% (boardgameprices)

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak ~$15 at Amazon & Walmart, save 40% (bgp)

Pandemic: Iberia ~$26 at Amazon & Walmart, save 48% (boardgameprices). Read our review.

Pandemic: The Cure ~$23 on Amazon, save 54% (boardgameprices)

Rory's Story Cubes: Doctor Who ~$8, save 47% (boardgameprices)

Rory's Story Cubes: Scooby Doo ~$8, save 33% (boardgameprices)

Runewars: Miniature Game Core Set ~$30 (boardgameprices)

Shaky Manor ~$14, save 47% (boardgameprices)

Snail's Pace Race, ~$11 at Amazon & Walmart, save 50% (boardgameprices)

Star Wars: Armada - Core Set ~$44, save 56% (boardgameprices)

Star Wars: Armada - Home One ~$21, save 47% (boardgameprices)

Star Wars: Armada - Interdictor ~$9, save 77% (boardgameprices)

Star Wars: Armada - Victory Class Star Destroyer ~$8, save 46% (boardgameprices)

Star Wars: Imperial Assault ~$40, save 60% (boardgameprices)

Vegas Showdown ~$15 at Amazon & Walmart, save 70% (boardgameprices)

Werewords ~$8, save 60% (boardgameprices)

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Supporter11 months ago

Some new games are added. Like Dr. Eureka for $12.20.

Supporter11 months ago

Thanks for the post, I managed to get Cytosis, even though it was not in this list, but part of the sale.
It was on my wishlist.
UP for the wooden Pengoloo for little kids :)

Partner11 months ago

A friend picked up Peptide by the same publishers.