Theming in Lacerdas

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In part because of giving high praise for the theming in#Lisboa earlier this week, and because the much lighter #Mercado de Lisboa just dropped on KS, I was thinking about the themes in other Lacerda games.

I haven't personally played any of them but I've heard quite a bit about the integration of the theme across his work. They all seem dramatically different at least thematically to me. For those who have played them, which is your favorite? Do you feel he integrates the theme pretty well into his games?

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10 months ago

It seems common that people that like his games have different ones that resonate more or less with them.  Lisboa resonates with me because I always disliked history until eventually I realized that history starts to come alive a bit when the stories become relatable for you.  Playing Lisboa had a bit of that feeling for me as it gives a little bit of a window into what that period may have been like in Lisbon. Mechanically, your options are very open for each turn, which I also enjoy.  I tend to bounce off of games that restrict your decision making such that you don't feel like you have a few viable paths to decide which to go down.  I've only played Lisboa, The Gallerist, and a bit of On Mars, so I don't have a ton of experience with his games, but I think Lisboa appeals to me most of the games I've played.  It's a bit surprising because I generally like sci-fi so I thought On Mars would be the biggest draw for me.  Maybe it will be most appealing to me once I play it more, but I think there's something really unique about Lisboa that I enjoy.

Supporter10 months ago

I've not played any personally but#On Mars is super high on my wishlist for this exact reason. 

10 months ago

Are there any that appeal to you especially?

Premium User10 months ago

I was thinking about adding one with my KS but they're mighty expensive. I'm between#Vinhos Deluxe or#The Gallerist if I do get one

Supporter10 months ago

I have always heard that they are thematic, but I don't have any experience with them. I do know that he does the them does tend to be more integrated in his design process than many other eurogame designers.

Supporter10 months ago

Which is why they are so desirable for me. But man they are expensive!

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