Kickstarter Roundup: start new Networks, hunt Jurassic Parts, and build Kanban EVs

The Rival Networks

Run competing TV stations in this two-player spin off of the critically acclaimed The Networks, the game of airtime and big money. Go head to head as you develop programming, hire stars, and screen ads to out-do your opponent's time slot. And these components!

Fight for viewership, draft cards, and build your tableaus in The Rival Networks, which you can back here.

Jurassic Parts

Look, you're either already completely sold, or there's nothing I can say to convince you. With illustrations by Everdell's Andrew Bosley, Jurassic Parts combines area control with gorgeous chisel and amber components, charming artwork, and a lightweight learning curve and playtime.

Back it here.

Kanban EV

The game of automobile manufacture and assembly line production is back. Iconic designer Vital Lacerda lends his eye for thematic eurogames to this update to Kanban, now with a focus on electric vehicles, a new solo mode, and obviously updated components and graphics.  I hope you'll forgive me posting the cover just one more time, because the cover is ridiculous.

Fans of heavy euros and production automobiles: buy it here

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Moderator Level 119 months ago

Man I wish I could justify #Kanban EV right now. 

19 months ago

me to every single lacerda game

Moderator Level 119 months ago

Yes sir. 

Moderator Level 119 months ago

Actually, take that back. I want all of them except #Dragon Keepers

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