It's the Biggest Dice Kickstarter EVER and It's Only Been 2 Days

Dispel Dice is MONSTERLY crushing their kickstarter and wow it's easy to see why. These dice look so incredible and I am having a hard time not wanting to ba......

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Supporter13 months ago

This is insane. They look really good. Still, I wonder if the balance is compromised at all because of the design...

13 months ago

Those are really beautiful dice, however for actual gameplay they look like they'd be difficult to read. Maybe if they used white lettering instead of gold/silver it would have been easier.

13 months ago

Form over function, apparently :)

13 months ago

That's what gets you funded on KS usually lol. What's funny is I think I would actually prefer white lettering aesthetically. But of course that's 100% taste.

13 months ago

Bells and whistles, smoke and mirrors. I won't lie, though, if I were into collecting dice, I'd be all over these. 

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