Abyss in about 3 minutes

Today's recap is Abyss, the set collection game about undersea tyrants. One of the most striking looking games I own. Also, please enjoy my musical efforts in the outro. h

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Supporter4 months ago

This game has long been on my radar but I can't really tell if I'll like it or not. 

4 months ago

Lol, you've got a beautiful voice! This game looks pretty fun, and the art and theme are really cool. Any plans to play Conspiracy: Abyss Universe? I saw Zee Garcia's review of it and he said it felt like most of Abyss in like half the time.

4 months ago

No plans currently, i am looking at getting the expansions for Abyss though

4 months ago

Cool! I have read that the expansions are pretty good

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