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Weekly Challenge #4: My Top 5 Heavy Epic Games

Premium User

I love big long meaty games.  Games that take up the evening in an epic struggle of wits and dice that leave you tired but satisfied.

In this list I look at my top 5 games that are heavy weight and have a potential for 3 hours play or more.  These are the games you don't play too often but when you pull them out they will always create a memorable experience!

1) #Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game: Expansions definitely required.  Civ IV is probably my favourite version of what is one of my favourite game series.  I've enjoyed this game many times and it really is a great afternoon of building your civ and jostling with others to try to stand the test of time!

2) #Forbidden Stars: My favourite dudes on a map game for when you are looking for an evening of epic warfare.  Think #Twilight Imperium 4th Edition but wiith a strict focus on the war aspect.  Definitely an amazing game and probably the shortest one on this list.  I'm looking forward to the new game coming out from the designer which is supposed to use similar mechanisms.

3) #War of the Ring (Second Edition): This will definitely take your evening but it will be an evening leaning over a map of Middle Earth while YOU are re-weaving the story of the Lord of the Rings. In my last game the free peoples were struggling to hold back the dark lord.  He was nearing victory.  Gimli had fallen.  The Fellowship had broken up to help defend the lands.  A band of 4 hobbits made it to Mount Doom where Frodo lost to corruption just as he reached the crack of Doom.  Canonical ending!  Woohoo!

4) #Star Wars: Rebellion: Another game that will definitely take up your whole evening.  (And then some if it's your first play.)  Much like War of the Ring this game has you recreating the original trilogy on a very large map of the key planets in the star wars universe.  Do you kill the emperor and the death star like in the movies?  Or maybe Darth Vader captures Leia and turns her to the dark side?

5) #Twilight Imperium 4th Edition: The most epic of games on this list.  A full table playing the long game can expect to be at it for 8 - 12 hours even with experienced players.  Epic space opera is definitely a great description for this game as you tell the story of your space civilization's struggle for supremacy in the galaxy.

What epic games do you enjoy?  What memorable experiences have they given you?



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Supporter5 months ago

This list is awesome. I would gladly play all of these games. 

Premium User5 months ago

I’ve played some more than others but they are always good for a fun afternoon. 

5 months ago

star wars rebellion and Twilight Imperium are two games I would love to play, just battling it out across the galaxy!

Premium User5 months ago

They are both great.  Rebellion probably has the most combat per hour out of the 2 depending on how you play TI but the core to both games is not really combat.  

If I had to pick between the 2 I think I'd pick rebellion just because TI can be pretty exhausting to play so it doesn't make the table very often.

5 months ago

Yeah, I wasn't limiting my meaning just combat. More a broader definition of 'battle'.

I can understand that, I would like to play TI at least once, just to experience it

Premium User5 months ago

It's definitely worth playing it at least once.  Maybe even the long game.  :)

I won't ever play the long game again mind you.  With a full table it took over 12 hours and I just can't do that anymore.

I'd play the regular game though.  We tend to do it once, maybe twice a year and that is enough.  I can honestly say it's probably not my favourite game but sometimes it's about doing something epic with your group and it's always epic!

5 months ago

Yeah, I can imagine that needing a realy dedicated group, but I can also imagine it being so cool watching it all paly out over that length of time.


Comment deleted.

5 months ago

Nice! I'd love to try most of these, aside from TI4, since that length of game is off-putting, haha.

The most epic game I have played is #Dune. It's so thematic and there are huge swings in the game balance. It makes for great stories!

Premium User5 months ago

Dune is on our list of games we'd like to play soon.

TI is a game you play every 3 - 6 months.  I will never play the long game of it again.  Maybe I'm just too old but I found it exhausting and the enjoyment wasn't worth the effort.  The regular game can probably be done in 8 - 10 hours.  Closer to 8 wth experience players which isn't so bad but the last long game we played was up in the 12 - 14 hour range which I just can't handle well anymore!

5 months ago

Wow, that is excruciating. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if you all had a weekend away together and could split it over 2 days or something like that.

Premium User5 months ago

Yeah, if you could split it up that would be cool.  I mean, I guess I can say I played the long version of TII4 which is something but I wouldn't do it again.  

And that was with 6 players.  I hear there is an expansion that brings it up to 8 players.  *SHUDDER*

5 months ago

Hahaha that's crazy. I know for Dune, you could probably pretty easily homebrew a version for 8 players, but man, that would suck, haha

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