New 7 Wonders Mystery Teaser Trailer Drop

Repos Productions recently dropped a teaser trailer for a new entry into the #7 Wonders series and the internet is going wild with speculation.

The only thing that was revealed was the title “7 Wonders Mystery” and the date of “April 26th”. Is this an expansion, a new stand-alone game or possibly a legacy title? The quick teaser shows people playing a traditional game of 7 Wonders until they get thrown into a world of Wonders typical of the franchise.

The caption “The adventure begins” could also be a strong clue. Is this a new adventure game? It would make sense for the publisher to capitalize on the immense success of the franchise and launch a branded title into a new genre of game. I guess we will learn more in just about two weeks.

Until then, watch the teaser trailer below and jump to your own conclusions.

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Partner16 days ago

It some sort of contest according to this twitter post:

21 days ago

I think a legacy game that is more like #7 Wonders Duel would be better. It is the two of you working against different sceanrios. The working off a preset grid versus passing and taking cards feels more adventurous.

Premium User21 days ago

haha, after WandaVision, I don't speculate on anything anymore

Owner22 days ago

If it's actually a legacy game, people are going to go nuts 😮

Partner21 days ago

Has to be a legacy game or a roll and write.

22 days ago

You start future games with buildings already in play? Wonders have bonuses for other wonders you completed in previous games? You gain money that allows you to buy specialty boost items? 

I wonder what a legacy game of 7 Wonders would look like... and yes I would go nuts for that.

Premium User22 days ago

Well, color me interested. I love #7 Wonders, and #7 Wonders Duel even more, so I'll be looking out for this!

Partner12 days ago

Wonder if this is Asmodee’s equivalent of Swordquest? If so, does that mean they are circling the drain?


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