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D&D 4th Edition Turned Into a Board Game?

So I normally don't go after the heavy miniature board games because I think a lot can be done without miniatures. But I watched a few videos of the results of their first campaign and I have to say I really like how it plays. I will be backing this, almost all in. Not getting the extra boards or anything and not sure if I want to sleeve that many cards, but the price for sleeves seems like a good deal.

The gameplay seriously reminds me of D&D 4th edition where you have At-will powers and Encounter powers etc. And that isn't a bad thing to me. The setup looks simple enough compared to most miniature games I have seen and it also looks like it plays pretty quickly without being too fiddly.

I've been looking for a good dungeon crawly type campaign game, and Gloomhaven just doesn't interest me as much for some reason.

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