Weekly Challenge #6 - My Top 10 Games to Play Solo

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I'm normally not a big solo gamers.  I much prefer interaction with other players.  However, sometimes it's nice to get a board game out on the spur of the moment and enjoy the physical interaction with the game components.

Here are the top 10 board games I like to play solo:

  1. #Gloomhaven: This probably shouldn't be a big surprise to anyone.  It's an amazing game that plays well at all player counts and has an important aspect for me with solo board games: A story element.
  2. #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale: This game has two elements I also enjoy for solo games: Quick setup, and it feels very much the same as it does with multiple players.  With the added bonus, I love maps and this is all about creating a neat little map!
  3. #Terraforming Mars: Probably the first game I realized I loved playing solo.  This sort of breaks all of my other rules: It's not a quick setup and it doesn't feel exactly like the multiplayer game.  But it plays very well solo and each game is an interesting puzzle and challenge.  Do the best you can with the cards you are dealt and I love tactiical gaming.
  4. #Mansions of Madness: Second Edition: I love the Cthulu genre and the app adds a lot to this game.  It has a bit of setup to it but the atmosphere and story really makes up for it.  
  5. #Zona: The Secret of Chernobyl: Pretty quick setup with tons of story cards and events.  My love for this genre drives this game up a bit higher on the list than it probably should be but hey, it's my list!
  6. #Scythe: Talking about the board game without Rise of Fenris here.  The Automa really makes the solo game shine.  It's challenging and simulates another player well enough that you can enjoy playing this great game on your own.  Rise of Fenris gets honourable mention as probably one of the best expansions ever and also a great solo play.  I should consider giving it it's own spot on the list which would probably put it in the top 3 but it's not something I'd want to just pull out and play a game of it.  
  7. #Big Trouble In Little China: Again, a genre favourite.  This can be a bit clunky to setup but once that part is done I'm back to being a kid again and watching one of my favourite movies of all time!
  8. #Clank! In! Space!: I really enjoy this game and the app makes it very fun to play solo.  I just wish they would get the expansions in to the app!
  9. #Spirit Island: Another great solo game.  I tend to play two spirits when I play rather than just the one as it's more fun to get the spirits interacting.   I'm not always in the mood for a real brain teaser but when I am this is an obvious choice.
  10. #Villagers: This one has a fast setup time going for it along with a great game.  The solo mode iis different from the multiplayer game in a few ways but it still captures the overall game field.

Honourable mentions: #Scythe: The Rise of Fenris  Probably top 3 solo experiences with the app but it's not something I would just toss on the table to play it on the spur of the moment.  I'd have to run through all the games again and the next time I do that I'd love to be doing it with my friends physically at a table!

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10 months ago

I totally need to see which of our games have solo play options...but I don't have any of these!  Though I'm tempted by a few...

Premium User9 months ago

That's generally how it works with me.  I don't buy games for solo mode but, especially lately, it's been great to enjoy a solo mode now and then.  :)   Right now I probably won't be buying any new games unless they have a decent solo mode or solo variant available.

Check out various places to see if there are solo variants for some of your favourite single player games too. Some of them are very good!

Owner10 months ago

Looks like you ended up with lots of multiplayer games that already have great solo modes haha. How exactly does a Clank! game work as a solo game? I'd like to try it out some day after I'm done with the legacy part of #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated

Premium User9 months ago

I'm not a huge solo gamer.  I've tried it out now and then.  Of course lately I've been doing it more often to get some physical play in and to mix up my hobby time a bit.  So luckily I have great options already in the colection.

For Clank there is an app you use that randomizes the board for you and walks you through a scenario.  It's not mansions of madness level but it's enough to make a game I already really like a good solo experience.  It's been a while since I've used it but if I remember correctly it gauges your result based on your points.    

Supporter10 months ago

I would like to try Villagers sometime. 

Premium User10 months ago

It's a great little game!  You can try it on Tabletopia.

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