BGA Feature #43 Price Upgrades (Part 2)


I've gone through and more optimally stored all the game pricing information. It was a bit silly before having each retailer in its own data storage area. Now they're all consolidated so it'll fetch them properly. I initially had them separate because each one had a lot of custom data that I've since realized was not only unnecessary but make things difficult.

Now that I've fixed that up, it's helped me create a much better foundation to tackle syncing the two price systems that BGA and BGP have.

If you notice any price related issues please let me know and I'll fix them up! It should be 100% working now so I want to know if it isn't.

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Supporter13 months ago

This is cool! I really enjoy learning about the behind the scenes updates. 

Supporter13 months ago

Great. I'll check it out. 

Supporter13 months ago


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