We all have our pet peeves. But there's always someone that takes it just a little bit too far. In celebration of the spooky season, we're taking a look at s......

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Supporter12 months ago

These are so bad!

Supporter13 months ago

I once (emphasis on once) played a game with this guy who kept recapping everyone’s turn as they took it and tried to do everything for them.  Hand them cards, resources, I think even moving the pieces on the board a couple of time.  Like he needed to show us what our move options were.

Supporter12 months ago

Oh no no no no... way too much. I'll do this to help newer gamers if they seem like they want help but not otherwise. 

Supporter13 months ago

Who's the worst offender? ;)

13 months ago

The cards....lordy it is the cards. I cannot stand the bending!

Supporter12 months ago

I had to ask my wife to stop with the bending and she didn't quite get it lol

12 months ago

Woof, thats rough!

Supporter13 months ago

I HATE that so much too. If it is a poker card I don t care, but if it is a board game card I grrrr...

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