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What should I get?

Very excited to have won, thank you all for the congrats and kind words: it has been wonderful to get to share this hobby with you all :) But now I have to make one of life's toughest decisions: picking a new board game!  I have narrowed the list down to the following, none of which I have played before so would welcome some input if you have:

#Catacombs 3rd Edition

#Spirit Island

#Days of Ire: Budapest 1956


Let me know what you guys think!

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Supporter7 months ago

Oof! Good list. Out of those, I'm personally most into Catacombs or Root and I *think* Root would win.

Premium User7 months ago

It really depends on your group. 

Out of those 4 I would recommend Spirit Island if it was my group.  I haven't played Days of Ire mind you. 

However, as this is a "free" game maybe take a chance on something outside the norm?

7 months ago

The only one on your list my group has not played is #Days of Ire: Budapest 1956.  So I read some in depth reviews on it.  Here's my analysis.

Cooperative - Spirit Island

Competitive - Root

Both - Days of Ire (Understand it is from what I read not better in any single category then the ones above, but it does have both modes)

Distant 4th Catacombs - This was not a hit with our group.  More of a meh.

To add to your list #Black Orchestra is something I've been looking at...

Supporter7 months ago

That's tough. All are in my wish list except for catacombs. I'll talk about #Days of Ire: Budapest 1956 since others have already talked about root and spirit island. I'm a history nerd so I believe for people that can appreciate something like this (a very niche historical event) the game is a dream and one of the main reasons its on my wish list. Factions are asymmetrical and it can be played coop, solo or versus so there's a bunch to explore there. That being said, the other 2 games probably have a lot more replayability and will get to the table way more often. If you end up getting #Days of Ire: Budapest 1956 please do a post on it though haha.

7 months ago

If I do I will, I have been admiring it for a little while, I also really enjoy games with some historical grounding. If you ever get the chance I would recommend #13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis as a lighter Twilight struggle: same feeling but only 45 mins to play and all the cards are events from the cold war and the rulebook contains basically a short history essay on the events of the crisis which is cool.

Premium User7 months ago

I would opt for either #Spirit Island or #Root.  Between those two it might come down to who you will be playing with.  Spirit Island is co-op and has in box options in the base game for scaling up the experience when the basic game gets easier.  It also offers quite a diversity of Spirits to play with which behave is such vastly different ways that no two games are the same when you mix up the spirits.

Root is asymmetrical factions competing for woodland territory.  Definitively competitive with only the forest rat possible aligning with characters here and there but for his own benefit so don't trust him/her. 

I am not familiar with the other two games but don't think you can go wrong with Root or Spirit Island.  I think Spirit Island might have the better solo option if that factors in.  

7 months ago

I've never really played games solo (other than to learn them so I can teach) but I do love a good co-op. However, I really like the asymmetry ideas in root. Have you ever played #Cry Havoc as that is one of my favourite asymmetric dudes on a map games, and I do wonder if it would be somewhat in the same niche as root

Premium User7 months ago

I haven't played #Cry Havoc but if you like the asymmetry then I'd go with Root.  It will likely offer you the closest experience to your favored play style :) 

7 months ago

Having played both Spirit Island and Root, I would vote for which one better aligns with your gaming group. If you will be playing it almost entirely 3-4 players, go with Root as I would argue it is a better game. But if your player count will vary greatly (and could potentially include solo), go with Spirit Island. The co-op nature of Spirit Island is also something to consider. 

7 months ago

Root is the only one I've played, but it is excellent. 

I have also heard wonderful things about Spirit Island and it is on my very lengthy wishlist haha

7 months ago

Ha, don't we all, the four I picked out were from a much longer list, and I keep thinking of more games to check out

7 months ago

Do you have a gaming group that meets when you are able to be in person?

7 months ago

Yeah, a weekly one that is pretty well attended, usually 6-8 each week. Normally splitting into two groups.

7 months ago

#Root really is an excellent game with 4 players which is why I was asking. Memorable moments, interesting decision space, it does take a good amount to learn the game, but it is relay great.

#Spirit Island is like pandemic on steroids and better I will admit, so if you like that "putting out fires" type of game play it is worth looking into. 

7 months ago

I've not played the rest but #Root is a really great game.  My family enjoys it.  Lots of replayability because of the different factions...really feels like a whole new game with each faction you play.

7 months ago

Does that still hold true if you don't get the expansions?

7 months ago

Absolutely, the base game has a lot going on.  

Supporter7 months ago

I would vote for #Spirit Island, though I feel like I might get enjoy #Root even more than that. 

Disclaimer: I have only played #Spirit Island

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