Solo Games – an Interview with Unbroken’s Artem Safarov

Solo games and solo modes are among the most popular trends in board game design nowadays. Sure, their origins are much older, but only recently we’ve seen successes such as Unbroken – a solo only game, that got really popular on Kickstarter. This week, we’ve had the pleasure to talk with Artem Safarov – the author of the game. We couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask him some questions about solo games, their design and where he gets his inspiration from.

Hello Artem!

Hi, Gwido and the KA Board Game News readers! Thanks for this opportunity to chat! Before we dive in I will right away point out that those looking for information on issues with Unbroken’s fulfillment came to the wrong place. The project updates continue to be a better fit to learn the latest / discuss those. I have also spoke about it in previous interviews. Now that we covered that off – let’s get to your insightful questions!

Unbroken really made us fall in love with its concept right when we found out about the campaign. Which was the first during Unbroken’s design: the idea of creating a solo game, the mechanics or the story?

It was story first, then the focus on the solo game only and mechanics was the last thing to click into place. One kind of led into the next. The story was engaging and a new way to look at a premise that has really become...


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