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So I've been especially inspired due to all the talk of #Paladins of the West Kingdom recently to look into these games a bit.  (I still have some research to do).  I want to add one to my wishlist and I'm not sure which one I should add.  I'm curious to hear what people think of either one (if they've only played one), or both if they've played both.  Some things that I'm curious about are

1. What is the player interaction like?  Even if it's near nothing is there the need for a lot of table talk?

2. What's the solo experience like?  Which one is better, which one is more challenging?

3. Which one do you like better in general and why?

4. How much time do they take?

5. If you've also played #Raiders of the North Sea how are they alike and how are they different?

6. Anything else you may want to add?


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9 months ago

1. Architects has significant player interaction whereas Paladins has very little

2. I haven't played Architects solo but Paladins solo is perhaps my favorite

3. I like Paladins slightly better due to being able to operate on your own board and not putting other players "in jail" although in Architects it does feel like your messing anyone up THAT much.  I love the solo version of Paladins feeling SO similar to the multiplayer gameplay.

4. About the same depending greatly on your players.  I can solo Paladins in about an hour to 90 minutes.  I think a four player game is 120 (again, depending on your players!)

5. Raiders has a little shorter gameplay IMO and there is slightly less player interaction than Architects and certainly more then Paladins.  Not sure about the solo for Raiders either.  I like Paladins better than Raiders.

6. They are both great games that I doubt you can go wrong on. :)

Supporter9 months ago

Thanks for the insight.

Supporter9 months ago

I'll be able to answer the Architects portion once I get in a play hopefully by next week! Also, I see you've changed your avatar. Is this a sign of things to come? :D

Supporter9 months ago

Haha, well I already have Raiders but I definitely want to try to play it some more.  I'll be excited to hear your thoughts on Architects, although I think within the research I've done I know which I will pick up when/if I get the chance.

9 months ago

Comparing #Raiders of the North Sea to #Architects of the West Kingdom:

There is more direct player interaction with Architects. You can choose to capture others' workers. Depending on timing it may help opponents since retrieving workers has to be done and if they were planning on releasing prisoners anyway it could save them a step. It's an interesting decision when to capture others. If you wait a turn you may be able to make more money by capturing more but that also means your opponent gets more stuff next turn.

In Raiders you can block worker placement spots or stick your opponent with the wrong color worker.

Raiders feels like a race to get those fortresses. I haven't played with the expansions to see how much it changes. Architects base game feels like there could be more variable paths to victory.

8 months ago

 Both Raider's expansions add so much richness to the game. We won't play without them. They really create so many other adventures and ways to score it slows the roll to the fortresses.

Supporter8 months ago

Once we played all the parts of the Heroes Expansion correctly I can see how it is a really fun addition. 

Supporter9 months ago

I've played Architects a fair number of times but Paladins only once but let me throw out some answers.

1) There isn't a lot of player interaction.  Architects has more in that you capture other players workers.  There might be a bit of talk between players around that

2) I don't know the answer to this personally but the person who owns the games indicates they are both good solo.

3) I like Architects a bit better because I like the capturing the worker interaction but both games are quite good.

4) I don't tend to time games.  My best guess is Architects is shorter and maybe 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours for both games depending.

5) I haven't played raiders.

6) I just want to add I really enjoy both games and the artwork is great!

Supporter9 months ago

Some of the other things I like/considered.  I come from French heritage as well as Irish so the Frankish Kingdom theme really strikes me.

One thing I really really like theme wise in Architects is working toward building the Cathedral, very thematic.  As a Catholic with both college degrees in History this really stands out for me.

One thing I like the look of in Paladins in protecting the land.  Especially from the Raiders who are part of the North Sea game.  Such a cool crossover.  I like that there is combat, even if it's just against the board.

9 months ago

Does one of these work better at 2 players than the other?

8 months ago

We are 2 player most of the time. We really enjoyed Paladins. I don't have Architects. I had the same dilemma and chose Paladins. 

Supporter8 months ago

I haven't purchased anything yet, but I have settled on Architects.

Supporter9 months ago

That would be a good question to ask.  I'm not sure.

9 months ago

Bummer. I know I'm interested in both, but that would be a big deciding factor for me, since I play at 2 often.

Supporter9 months ago

I think (in what little research I've done on my own so far) that I saw that Architects can be played at 2P against the Automa.  I would suspect that Paladins is better solo and at 2P because from what I've heard it's mostly a multiplayer solitaire game.

Supporter9 months ago

I haven't played either one. But, I would recommend that you check out the Solosaurus podcast. They did solo reviews of both games. They liked architects better, but made me think I would prefer paladins. 

Supporter9 months ago

Thank you for the direction.  I love Board Game podcasts.  I think those episodes will be really helpful.

Supporter9 months ago

Good luck. 

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