Brass: Birmingham Deluxe Restocked at Roxley Games


For those who've been waiting, #Brass: Birmingham deluxe is back in stock! I've heard that the deluxe edition has a slight flaw in its insert that leads to a little bit of damage on the board, but seems like it's not the case for everyone. I've also heard that the retail version has been upgraded to have thicker boards similar to the deluxe edition, so if it might be a problem, you could consider getting the non-deluxe edition and order #Brass: Iron Clays (Retail Edition) separately.

Every time I look at this, I'm tempted but am holding back :)

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Supporter11 months ago

I am very tempted. 

Premium User11 months ago

Don't think my group would be into this, but the Iron Clays are very tempting.

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