Top 5 games I didn't think I'd like that I ended up really enjoying

Kind of the opposite of my previous list. While I am generally excited to play any game these are games that didn't capture my imagination or sound too good on paper to me but I eneded up enjoying a whole lot:

5) #Istanbul - I had heard plenty about Istanbul before I played it, overwhelmingly positive, but the themeing and mechanisms didn't particularly appeal to me so I never sought it out. Anyway, one day it came out as the least unappealing option at my Board game club so I hopped on that table. It was pretty great, I got a lot more into it than I might have expected, trying to map out routes and predict where you opponents might go was a bunch of fun. The occaisional dice rolls added tension and it was just good fun. As mentioned in a previous list, I did not do well at this game but still enjoyed myself. While it won't be making any it onto a favourites list, it is well worth checking out

4) #Century: Golem Edition - I had no clue about this game before someone pulled it out at the end of a night of gaming, but buying golems with gems didn't peak my interest all too much. While the art work looked great I wasn't exactly enthusiastic (may have also been because I was a little tired). Anyway, this game is an excellent little engine builder that plays in 30-45 minutes, the mixture of hand management and racing other players to get the requirements for various golems was a bunch of fun. Although I don't own it I would happily play it anytime.

3) #Magic Maze - So while I can't say I wasn't intrigued by this game, the themeing seemed very odd (dwarves and wizards in a mall?) and it seemed like it wouldn't be too in-depth. Now, it definitely isn't too in-depth but man is it intense! Trying to keep track of all four characters while also cooperating without talking, all with the added difficulty of a timer, just magical. Also, the passive aggression of slamming down the giant wooden marker to get someone to do something is brilliant. It is a brilliant filler game to freshen everyone up inbetween some heavier games, it is a game that gets better with more people and leads to all kinds of laughter after the game is done. 

2) #Chrononauts - I couldn't imagine a game doing a good job of capturing time travel, especially not just with a couple of decks of cards. However, the mechanics of how things 'ripple' are very cool. It has a not insignificant luck factor to it, but if you are lucking for a 20 minute filler with a much more interesting premise and mechanics than you standard quick game then this might be worth looking at. You have to accept that you can't really be 'good' at this game but it does give you an opportunity to kill Hitler or save Lincoln so there could be worse things (there is also then the option for someone else to save hitler and kill yeah) and I have found it to be generally good for a laugh or too. There is also a #Back to the Future: The Card Game version which uses the same system if you are into that theme.

1) #Coup  - I'll admit I didn't think much as someone explained this game to me the first time, I went out early and so wasn't too interested in it. However, a few years later I played it again multiple times in a row and realised the wonderful magic this tiny box can create: it's like rock-paper-scissors but you can just say you 'for sure chose scissors' while hiding a rock behind your back. It is constantly pushing you to try to read your friends, the interplay bewtween the cards is great and it leads to a lot of really hilarious moments when you realise you've been bluffed out of victory. It plays quick and so plaer elimination doesn't matter. It is one of my favourite pub/picnic games

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Premium User10 months ago

When I first saw #Gloomhaven I thought there was no way I would ever spend $100 on a game.  It took playing other games of a similar genre ( #Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition, #Sword & Sorcery: Immortal Souls) I changed my tune.

#Scythe was another game that I never thought I'd like because it looked too "Risky" (bah dum dum) for me to feel like I would enjoy.  

In both cases these turned out to be my top two games. 

10 months ago

Haha, PUNS!

I am not sure why but I think for some reason I have also had a resistance to Scythe, but I think I would like to play it some time.

Supporter10 months ago

I'm considering #Century: Golem Edition for my family.  How do you think it'd play as a family game?

6 months ago

It's been a few months since your question, but maybe it is still relevant. Yesterday we played Century Golem for the first time, two adults and two kids (5 and 8). I ended the game with my fifth Golem and also won but everybody else had built 4 golems, so it wasn't a trouncing at all.

The kids played rather inefficiently, acquiring very few extra cards and resting very often, so they still have quite a few lessons ahead and that is great. Not many games are this easy to learn, interesting for all the family and can teach the kids how to improve their engine building skills.

Also, it is short enough so that better engines don't get to shoot too far ahead of the rest. Because by getting a new merchang card you are delaying any gem magic a whole turn, the game feels interesting until the very end. If the race was to 6 or more golems, even though the game would not be much longer (by the end of the game the speed at which you get gems is very high), it would probably make too apparent the diference between a good engine and a poor one. I would have probably gotten a 6th or 7th golem before the kids got their 5th one.

So, I think it is a magnificent family game. One that goes into our Olympus of games to play together along with Small World, The Road to El Dorado, Coloretto and Colt Express.


10 months ago

I think it is suitable, it would probably be too much for young kids but it really isn't very complicated. It is a game that rewards you at any level of competence: as in if you aren't very familar with engines or can't plan ahead you can still have a great time doing the basics, however as you get better you get to do more and more satisying combos. There is definitely a skill ceiling but before that there is a really nice progression as you learn and gain experience.

Supporter10 months ago

Coup is way better than it has any right to be. 

10 months ago

It is great

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