Do you keep games on your wishlist you know you'll never get

In my last wishlist post, I singled out a specific game. If you clicked that link, you probably already know what that game is.

#Kingdom Death: Monster

By now, most people know of this game. It's a monster of a game with a $400 price tag. It's a game with some of the most inappropriate add-ons, as well. (Thankfully I could pretend they don't exist and enjoy the base game just fine)

Why, Rob, is this game still on your wishlist?

It's called a WISHlist for a reason, people! Will I ever spend $400 on this game? Hell no. Never.

If I had an opportunity to trade for it or found it for a price under $200, would I snag it up? Maybe.

If someone bought it for me, would I complain?

Hell no.

I keep it on my list because it's one of my Grail games. One of those games that's become more desirable because I can't have it. It's just priced way too out of my league. Who knows. Maybe someday I'll own a copy. When that day comes, I may even get it to the table. I may like/dislike it. Who knows.

For now, I dream.


So. Do you keep games on your wishlist that you know you'll probably never own?

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Supporter3 months ago

I don't keep games on my Wishlist that I'll never pick up.  Even if there is a slim chance I'd get it then most likely I'll ditch it.

3 months ago

Haha, I don't. I keep it if it has a slim chance of ever being acquired, but if I know that I'm never going to buy it, then nope. An example here would be #Star Wars: Rebellion. Supposedly great game that I would love to play, but I'm not spending that much money and shelf space on a game that I'll play maybe once a year, so it's not on the wishlist. I don't know if it ever has been, to be honest.

3 months ago

I definitely do! I keep #Lisboa and will porbably add #Vinhos Deluxe on there here soon too and I know that I will most likely never get them...a boy can dream. 

Supporter3 months ago

These are games that I MIGHT get. I know that I really want them, especially #Lisboa.

3 months ago

That is where I am at too!

Supporter2 months ago

I never keep games I won't get on my wishlist since I mostly use it as a shopping cart haha

By the way, I thought KD:M was MUCH MUCH more expensive. Like.... around $1000 or more

2 months ago

On Amazon it is. On the official shop, it's $400 -

Supporter3 months ago

I don't. But if there is even a slim chance I'll keep it on. 

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