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Premium User30 days ago

This is hilarious hahaha

31 days ago

29 days ago

That is a truly glorious picture! I can't decide whether I want to know the context or if it better without

31 days ago

Pipe, robe, tea, piano...  The only thing missing is a fireplace.

Supporter31 days ago

Awesome! You've even got the pinky finger sticking out!

Do you think this would be a good solo game?

Premium User31 days ago

I am working through it now

Supporter31 days ago

Excellent! Can't wait to hear your thoughts. 

Owner31 days ago

LOVE this. Glad it arrived safe and sound!

How was it going through the rulebook? It was somewhat of a bumpy ride but I got through and excited to give it a go tonight. 

Premium User31 days ago

It is interesting to have so many rules as well as the companion glossary.  To some degree, I have enjoyed reading them and working my way through the glossary to fine-tune my understanding of the rules. I do feel like there are some finer details that aren't well defined while other items are explained to the nth degree.  

One example that Becky asked, "So does the title of the gentry have to say 'lady' for it to count as a lady?"  I never thought of this and after looking through the rules for that specifically I have not yet been able to find it.  Thus far I have played under the assumption that any female gentry is a lady and any male lady is a gentleman.  This did not detract from the game in any meaningful way, just an interesting point.

The discarding of objectives also seems a bit unclear from what I can tell.  Even with the glossary, I am finding myself having to go back and forth looking for the best explanation to make sure I'm getting the ruling correct.

All that being said, we enjoyed the first playthrough and Becky compared it to #Wingspan which I think bodes well.  The standard length was also a little too short for us and I think we will be playing the extended play version 90% of the time.  

I would love to hear how you first play goes as well!  Have fun :)

Premium User32 days ago

Sadly no.  But I was also teaching the game to Becky and so it would have been difficult.  We missed a few rules the first playthrough but she felt it was a little like #Wingspan which bodes well for future playthroughs.

32 days ago

Hahahah this is amazing. Were you watching Downton at he same time?

Supporter32 days ago

Oh Jeeves, have you brushed my hat?

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