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What games change the mechanism from what you generally expect.


I am curious what game subvert what you think of when you think of a certain mechanism.n These are games that have deck building, or worker placement,or...... but they do it differently than you would generally expect. For me some examples would include:

  • #Star Trek: Frontiers / #Mage Knight and deckbuilding. When I think of deckbuilding I think of high amounts of deck turn. You are constanly cycling through your deck, and refining it. But, in STF and MK you go through your deck only a few times. It is a slow deck builder. When I first heard that, I thought there is no way that could be a fun part of the game. But, oh I love it, and would like to see it in more games.
  • #Innovation with tableau building. When I think of tableau building, I generally think of your tableau as something that you mostly have in your control. You are building and changing your tableau and you can direct it as you so desire. But, in Innovation, your tableau is constantly being changed by your opponents. I love this twist on tableau building, and, it looks like some of the Pax games subvert the mechanism in similar ways.
  • My last game is more of a mixture of mechanism I didn't think was possible. That is #Spirit Island which includes Cooperative play and Area control. And, it mixes these two mechanisms with aplomb, and is a brilliant game. I would never have thought that these two mechanisms would go together, but Eric M. Reuss proved me wrong.

So what games have subverted what you thought of a mechanism. I am guessing that you might mention #Raiders of the North Sea or #Viticulture: Essential Edition and worker placement. You might mention #7 Wonders Duel and two player drafting..... I haven't played these, so I don't mention them. So, speak up, tell me about the games that you found twisted something in a new way for you.

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