Frosthaven is Now the Most Funded Board Game on Kickstarter (#3 Overall)


Congrats to Cephalofair Games and Isaac Childres!

Can you imagine any other board games coming close to this amount in the near future? By the way, about 12,000 people backed at the $1 pledge level. Did anyone here back this?

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Supporter6 months ago

And so it should be! If I was the sort to back KS this would be one to back. Proven designer with an excellent pedigree. 

6 months ago

Whenever the guy who made KDM comes out with another game. I could see it breaking this record. 

6 months ago

I was sorely tempted to back at the $1 level, just to say I was part of it haha But dang, congrats to them fo sho!

6 months ago

It's even more audacious that they broke the record at a time when many countries are dealing with high unemployment numbers. Even if someone breaks the record down the road it's like 'Well did you break it during a pandemic with economic chaos everywhere you look ?????'.

I did not back it. I'm leery of the time it would demand.

Supporter6 months ago

I cheated and backed it at the $1 level, I just wanted to see if I could get early access to Gloomhaven digital on steam through the pledge manager. It was a foolish impulse choice that I made about 15 minutes before the campaign closed.... But it looks like early access should be available for $18. I just don't have room for the box, or else I would have been very interested in pledging for a big box of #frosthaven

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