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AEON'S ENDS LEGACY | 12 Hour Marathon Extravaganza | Full Solo Campaign in One Sitting

Hello All! We are jumping into live streaming on TWITCH and we hope to do it with a splash. This Friday, June 19th from 9am - 9pm PST we will be playing the entire solo campaign for the Legacy version of the deck builder meets dungeon crawler AEON'S END over 12 continuous hours of gameplay. Check out our new twitch channel at and you can go even further by showing your interest on the Facebook Event at

Why I am here however is because I am looking for tips and tricks. What advice do you have for someone heading through the Legacy Campaign? Have you done it and wish you knew something going in? Looking for any and all advice or useful info.

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Supporter7 months ago

Woah that's intense. I hear about this game all over... I'm going to have to look into it

7 months ago

I JUST bought this yesterday, I would love to join but i want to keep it as spoiler free as possible!

7 months ago

Dang, that's quite the endeavour! Good luck, I hope you have enough snacks :D I've never played the game, but my advice would be try not to get eaten, never good way to go.

7 months ago

Wow! I'll check it out! I've never played any Aeon's End but I've been curious about it.