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I am really getting excited for Batman: Gotham City Chronicles, especially after reading about everyone getting their copies of Claustrophobia 1643. Everyone seems happy with the results, and I hope that bodes well for Batman. I think this will be the first KS game that I will plan an entire game night around as soon as I find out the delivery date. Anyone feeling like their excitement is dwindling as time goes on, or are you even more pumped about this now?

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21 months ago

I was initially just slightly worried because I'd effectively put all my eggs in one basket with this publisher; I swear I'm not a Monolith fanboy, but I was initially sold hard on Batman after doing extensive research on Conan and reviewing the rulebook a few times, and repeated it with Mythic Battles: Pantheon, and even though I wasn't aware of Claustrophobia at the time, looking over the campaign and realizing how useful a competitive dedicated 2-player second edition of a game would be for me was... eye-opening.After getting Claustrophobia in, I'm not worried anymore. The component quality is top notch, the insert insanely well made, and the miniature quality putting CMON on the backfoot (particularly with miniatures that have multiple, slender parts, like the flail on the brute or some of the demons - there's barely any flashing on my figures).

21 months ago

I always wonder about the whole KS delivery anger. I'm currently a backer of Gentes, and I've seen people get quite upset as time has gone on, but it seems like pretty standard delays for KS projects. Just odd how upset people get.

20 months ago

Yeah, I was just talking about the possible loss of excitement with the normal passage of time, but yeah, I understand what you mean. I think a lot of people are just impatient, but I would prefer a publisher taking time over rushing things. However, I understand that some people get nervous that they the project could fall apart the longer it takes.

Supporter21 months ago

It looks like you linked to Batman by accident. Make sure to update the post with the right game linked.

The artwork looks fantastic by the way!

21 months ago

Oh, it was intentional but unclear. Monolith did both games, so I was excited after seeing Claustrophobia 1643 is out the door and the quality of it gave me hope that Batman would turn out the same.

Supporter21 months ago

Oh interesting. That makes sense!

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